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your super
your super

Struggling to eat healthy? You’re not alone!

9 out of 10 people don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables everyday for optimal health and energy…. With an organic superfood mix, you can enjoy delicious taste whilst receiving added health benefits! 

Each superfood has unique benefits, keep scrolling to find out which superfood best suits you and your needs!

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your super magic mushroom
your super plant collagen
your super moon balance
your super golden mellow
your super forever beautiful
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All ingredients are 100% organic! They are either naturally dried or freeze dried directly after harvesting to maintain the natural vitamins and minerals in the ingredients. We believe that the consumer should be able to now where every ingredient comes from so, Your Super have a 100% transparent food chain. See the supply chain below!

your super

Their Story

your super kristel and michael

Michael and Kristel both grew up playing tennis at professional level, they actually met on the court! They were young, healthy and happy until Michael was diagnosed with cancer at just 24. This took Kristel back to when she was 12 years old and the same thing happened to her mother. Determined to stay positive, she bought loose bags of maca, barley grass, chia seeds, lucuma, spirulina – you name it! She created 7 unique mixes with her aunt Ellen’s help. Aunt Ellen was an orthonutritionst and therefore had lots of knowledge on what vitamins and minerals the body needs on a daily basis. 

Kristel’s 7 unique mixes were an easy way to start the day SUPER! Everyone who tried the mixes began to look and feel better. Michael and Kristel knew that this was something the world needed to know about, this is where Your Super was born… 

your super frother
your super moon balance
your super Moon Balance
Your Super golden mellow