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Why you Can’t buy CBD Oil on Amazon 1

Why you Can’t buy CBD Oil on Amazon

While Amazon stocks almost everything you would ever need and want, there’s a few things which you cannot legally buy – CBD Oil being one of them.

Since the federal legalisation of industrial hemp in 2018, the CBD industry has grown massively, with demand only estimated to increase. Surprisingly, this mammoth online retailer that we know as Amazon, is not a place for buying CBD oils or any products containing cannabidiol. The reason behind this is stated in Amazon’s online policy.


Amazon’s Online Policy

According to Amazon’s policy, listings for products that contain cannabidiol are prohibited. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Rich Hemp Oil
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
  • Products that have been identified to contain CBD

In simple words, any CBD oil found on Amazon isn’t allowed to contain CBD or these accounts risk having their seller account deactivated. Some sellers have been getting sneaky, labelling their products as ‘hemp’ rather than ‘CBD’ and relying on buyers to message them to clarify that the product does in fact contain what they are looking for.

As a CBD consumer, it makes you question what else these sellers are lying about. If the merchandise which they are selling contains something which is forbidden on Amazon, then what else is forbidden? Could these products cause damage to our health rather than benefiting it?

The short answer – research into the manufacturer. You can’t be certain a product is safe to consume without researching the company. We recommend you look into the company and find out what others have said about their products. The safest option? Purchase from a reliable and secure site, make sure they have good reviews and label their products as what they actually are.


Why won’t Amazon carry CBD Oils?

As with many companies, Amazon keeps their reasons behind policy very secretive. Some experts are speculating that Amazon is concerned with the constant changes to state legislation and international laws, making CBD a product which needs constant attention. Others believe it may be due to Amazon not wanting to carry products which claim to cure everything in individual listings, which may decline the sales in other areas.


CBD Oil Vs Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is extracted from the hemp seeds and contains a rich blend of nutrients such as vitamin E, omega fatty acids and proteins but contains absolutely no cannabinoids what so ever. Because of this, Hemp oil doesn’t have any health benefits for things like headaches, inflammation, seizures, anxiety or anything else– unlike CBD.

CBD on the other hand, works with the bodies endocannabinoid system and helps reduce these health problems. This is why CBD Oil is much more favored in this industry.


If you search for ‘CBD oil’, you will see hundreds of products referring to themselves as ‘hemp extract oil’ or ‘hemp oil extract’. Some are priced between £25 and £45, which is precisely the kind of price you would expect for a good quality CBD oil, except they aren’t. They are in small bottles of between 10ml and 30ml with a dropper but don’t contain any CBD and most probably don’t have anything more than traces of cannabinoids if at all. 

Others also look like CBD but are priced between £4 and £8, giving the impression that you are getting a bargain. In fact, they are just overpriced hemp oil. While they aren’t as much of a rip-off as the others, they still make sales by misleading their customers. Hemp oil is more appropriately sold in larger bottles and used in food, a glug or two at a time. 


Where you can Buy CBD Oil Safely

To buy CBD products including, oils, edibles and skincare, we are a secure online shop which aims to fulfill all your CBD needs.


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Why you Can’t buy CBD Oil on Amazon 2
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