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Your Super CEO Pregnancy routine

Your Super CEO Pregnancy routine

Your Super CEO Kristel sharing her tips of how to use Your Super mixes during pregnancy. 

Since announcing my pregnancy, so many questions have been pouring in about what superfood mixes to use before during, and after pregnancy. So, I’m here to answer them for you! All of the recommendations are based on my own experience. I hope it is helpful and I wish you the most beautiful journey! 


What mixes are you using during pregnancy?

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My go-to daily staples are: 


Your Super, Super Green – Yes, also during pregnancy, greens are king. I also realized especially in my first trimester I was not craving my usual salad, so Super Green was key to keeping my intake of greens high. 

Your Super Forever Beautiful – It is high in vitamin C and I love it for the omega 4 found in the chia seeds. Berry smoothies, especially with frozen strawberries, were something I have been craving for several weeks. 

My favourite recipes:

1 cup frozen strawberries, 1 banana, 1 pitted date, 1 tsp Super Green (hide your greens!), 2 tsp Your Super Forever Beautiful, 2 tbsp Plant Protein, 1-2 cups almond milk, and 2 tbsp almond butter or ¼ cup coconut cream (top of coconut milk can). 

Your Super Gut Feeling mix- If you are pregnant you might notice that “number 2” in the restroom can become a little more difficult, especially when you take additional iron supplementation. Gut Feeling with Jerusalem artichoke can help you move things through a little easier. Simply add it to water!

Your Super Gut Restore – Probiotics and nurturing your microbiome are so important during pregnancy because when you give birth, your baby gets your microbiome as it passes through your vagina. So it’s something I like drinking during the day in water and often combine Gut Feeling and Gut Restore together.

Your Super Plant Protein or Skinny Protein – When I first got pregnant and started interviewing midwives, I consistently heard that increased protein is important during pregnancy. (Especially since I am fully plant-based) So during the day, I make sure I include tofu, beans, tempeh, etc. in my lunch and dinner – and in my morning smoothie (or oatmeal when smoothies aren’t appetizing) I add some Plant Protein or Your Super Skinny Protein powder.


I occasionally use Golden Mellow or Magic Mushroom in a latte at night when I feel like I need to wind down.


I avoid using Moon Balance due to the shatavari and hibiscus in the mix. Additionally, I stay away from any caffeine found in mixes like Super Brew or Energy Bomb; however; those are a better option than coffee, and 1 cup a day would be totally fine.

What superfoods help you with morning sickness?


For me, it was actually none of Your Super mixes, but simply making ginger tea. Boil fresh ginger root in a pan with water for 5-15 minutes. You can drink it right away or store some in the fridge and drink it cold if you like.

Also, I did not like smoothies during my first trimester, which was surprising! As an alternative, I made more superfood oatmeals and took superfood shots by simply adding the mixes to water.


What are the best superfoods after a miscarriage?


After my miscarriage, last summer I used Your Super Moon Balance as well as additional Chaste Berry drops to help balance my hormones. After the bleeding stopped it took me 7 weeks to get a regular period back again. Give your body (and mind!) time to process.


I’ve heard maca is questionable for pregnant women. True or false?


It’s true that it is questionable if it’s safe. There are other superfoods that are also questionable, for example, ashwagandha. The reason is that these ingredients don’t have any scientific studies behind them to prove that they are safe during pregnancy.

On the other hand, there is no evidence that they are not safe, so it’s a personal choice for you to make whether or not you want to consume them. And of course, something you should discuss with your doctor or physician.

During my pregnancy, tapping into my intuition and simply listening to my body has really helped me. If something doesn’t taste good or I just don’t feel like certain foods, I won’t eat or drink them for the time being.


Is there anything to help with conception?


Moon Balance, Moon Balance, and Moon Balance! This mix supports your hormones, which helps with conception. Pro-tip: Give some to your husband to support his fertility as well!


Which ones can you take while breastfeeding?


I recommend Super Green and Skinny Protein the most! Over the years I have heard from customers how greens like wheatgrass have helped them with their milk supply. Listen to your body and what you are craving.

Cold foods including smoothies are not recommended after birth, but rather more warming foods. So, consider making oatmeal bowls or add your Super Green to water with some lemon and take a shot to avoid a cold smoothie. If you make a smoothie, stick to room temperature ingredients.


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