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The Most Popular Celebrity Skincare Routines

The global market for cosmetic skincare was valued at an estimated $145 billion in 2020, with experts believing this will climb to $185 billion in the next seven years.

Skincare has recently become the latest arena for celebrity ventures, with Rhianna, Alicia Keys and, most recently Pharrell Williams looking to share their unblemished wisdom with the world.

Skincare routines and tutorials are the subject of thousands of videos on Youtube as celebrities, expert dermatologists and influencers from every echelon showcase their rituals.

Whose Routine is the Most Influential?

Though everyone’s been begging for a new album for years, Rihanna is now synonymous with beauty, with the launch of Fenty Beauty in 2017 that lead to her cosmetics empire and the 2020 launch of Fenty Skin.

In the skincare world, everybody knows  Barbara Sturm, La Roche-Posay and Cerave, the chosen products to slap on famous faces before bedtime. But who is the most influential celebrity with a skincare routine out there?

We analysed videos from Harper’s Bazaar’s Go To Bed With Me series to see who we’re cleansing and toning with the most at home.

Top 5 Most Engaging Videos

1. SAINt JHN – 11% positive engagement

(50,000 views overall)


Named ‘Artist to Watch’ by Rolling Stone, rapper SAINt JHN found fame with his track Roses which was originally released in 2016.

“There’s no such thing as being to cool for good skin” – SAINt JHN’s mantra is repeated several times in his short video and we think it’s good advice!

His 3-product routine is fairly simple but effective, focusing on exfoliating, moisturising and hydrating your skin.

The most reliable skincare tips from almost all of these videos include only rubbing up, and focus your on your neck just as much as your face.


2. Alissa Ashley – 7.7% positive engagement

(122,000 views overall)


Boasting over 2m subscribers on her own channel, Alissa Ashley is known primarily for make up tutorials.

Her start as a professional MUA gives her an understanding of the needs of the skin, backed up by her dermatolagist friend referenced many times in the video.

Alissa uses several moisturising products, believing multiple hydration steps is essential for dry skin.

She also alternates serums with AHA and BHA which can be used to fade dark marks and reduce the appearance of fine scars on the face.

AHA and BHA are both acids that work to remove dead skin cells and encourage new growth, allowing your cells to regenerate and reduce the appearance of scarring or hyperpigmentation.

3. Ego Nwodim – 7.5% positive engagement

(24,000 views overall)


Saturday Night Live star Ego Nwodim is as funny taking her make up off as she is on-screen, which is probably why her fairly new video has such a high level of engagement.

Ego is a convert to product-based make up removal, avoiding make up wipes for environmental reasons.

An estimated 9.3 million wipes are flushed down the toilet every day, contributing to environmental damage.

She confidently uses benzoyl peroxide which is a highly effective treatment for acne but can cause irritation and may even bleach clothing in some circumstances!

4. Somi – 7.47% positive engagement

(1,500,000 views overall)


In addition to having one of the most-watched videos, K-Pop star Somi also has one of the most engaging videos on the list.

Her Korean skincare tips, face mask kits and gadgets are a hit with viewers, giving her an engagement rate way above average.

K-Pop fans are known for their digital devotion, which could have contributed to Somi’s high engagement rate, but not enough to push her into first place.

5. Eric Nam – 7.27% positive engagement

(1,100,000 views overall)


Another K-pop star, Eric Nam loves Koren skincare and essences, showcasing them in his 8-step routine.

His main belief when it comes to skincare is to focus on what works for your skin rather than what looks good or is most talked-about.

He also encourages introducing fun into your regime, believing the self-care and self-love elements of skin care are just as important as what the products actually do for us.

Top 20 Most Engaging Videos

Rank Celebrity % Likes Views Date Published
1 SAINt JHN 11.00% 50,000 October 2020
2 Alissa Ashley 7.70% 122,000 September 2020
3 Ego Nwodim 7.50% 24,000 December 2020
4 SOMI 7.47% 1,500,000 September 2020
5 Eric Nam 7.27% 1,100,000 March 2020
6 Sonequa Martin-Green 6.78% 59,000 October 2020
7 NIKI 6.67% 165,000 October 2020
8 Phoebe Tonkin 6.14% 293,000 November 2020
9 Harry Shum Jr 5.97% 72,000 December 2020
10 Hyram 5.75% 1,600,000 July 2020
11 Troye Sivan 5.69% 404,000 April 2020
12 DeWanda Wise 5.00% 194,000 August 2019
13 Anok Yai 4.73% 402,000 March 2020
14 Liza Koshy 4.42% 1,200,000 May 2020
15 Michelle Phan 4.15% 2,361,000 March 2019
16 Claudia Sulewski 4.15% 176,000 June 2020
17 Lisa Eldridge 4.12% 267,000 October 2020
18 Madelyn Cline 4.07% 1,400,000 May 2020
19 Laura Harrier 3.64% 77,000 September 2020
20 Kiana Lede 3.41% 41,000 June 2020

Representation in Beauty Media

This data suggests that people of colour are responsible for many of the most engaging videos in skincare, with 8 out of 10 of the most engaging content coming from celebrities of colour.

The top 3 most engaging videos are also all from Black creatives, highlighting the value of diversity in media and influencing in this space.

We spoke to publicist and business growth consultant Brenda Gabriel about the importance of beauty diversity and the role influencers play in this right now:

Why do you think Black representation in beauty and skincare is important?

Representation in beauty and skincare is important for all races because different races have different needs and are looking for different skincare solutions.

On a personal level, Black women have been left on the beauty shelf for a long time, with makeup and skincare not tailored to our skin. Representation shows us that a brand is taking us and our needs into consideration.

For brands, representation is beneficial because, from a PR perspective, it show inclusivity.

What role do you think influencers play in this representation?

I think influencers play a huge role in representation. Unfortunately, things are lagging behind when it comes to popularity, opportunities and pay for non-white influencers.

Black people buy beauty and skincare products just as much as white people. In fact, it has been said that Black women spend the highest amount of money on beauty yet this is not reflected in the mainstream. Influencers act as a modern-day third-party endorsement and will strongly influence whether or not the audience decides to try a product.

How can brands and the media genuinely represent Black experiences in their content?

I think they could start by showing visually different types of Black people. What tends to happen is that brands use one black person to represent the entire race. Black people, just as other races, have nuance. One may prefer to rock a natural look with Afro, another may like to wear weaves and a lot of makeup. The black experience is no less varied than that of white people. Brands and the media would do well to showcase those experiences mor

The Top 5 Most Watched Videos

1. Rihanna – 981,750 views per month

(3,972,000 views overall)


Using only Fenty skin, Rihanna has a 3-step nightly routine to keep her skin at its best.

Fenty Skin prides itself on being planet friendly and multi-purpose. 

Her moisturiser contains SPF that is coral reef friendly and she believes we should be avoiding make up wipes to keep our environmental contributions lower.

Her top tip – hydration. 

Whether it’s making sure you drink your guideline daily amount of water or lock in moisture with the products you use, hydrating your skin is the top priority.

2. Somi – 500,000 views per month

(1,500,000 views overall)


Canadian-Dutch-Korean star Somi is the second-most watched video in the series. 

The K-Pop performer’s video was released in September last year and has already racked up 1,500,000 views.

Her video is full of Korean skincare tips, including massage points throughout the face that can help depuff your face in the morning.

These massages work by targeting your lymphatic system and helping to drain excess fluid from your skin.

She also uses a range of gadgets, including a ‘neckline slimmer’ and a face roller to massage her skin.

3. Hyram – 320,000 views per month

(1,600,000 views overall)


Skinfluencer and Youtube sensation Hyram is the straight-talking star of self-care videos.

His candid, honest reviews of brands from all price points and ingredients have made him a major name in the skincare world in just the past year alone.

Hyram’s night time routine uses 9 products from a variety of different brands, evidencing his lack of brand loyalty and just how much he experiments with the products he uses.

Hyram is a firm believer in looking after your skin as well as dealing with specific issues, recommending use of a product that protects or restores your natural moisture barrier.

He also highlights how a skincare routine is a great opportunity for self care.

4. Nina Dobrev – 239,650 views per month

(4,793,000 views overall)


Nina Dobrev is best known for playing Elena in the Vampire Diaries. However, her skincare routine for Harper’s Bazaar has amassed almost 5m views since it was posted in 2019.

Nina uses a range of top-quality products in her nightly routine, including an LED face mask she wears before bed. 

Though many of the products are high-end, she has some great, simple tips anybody could include in their routine.

5. Kourtney Kardashian – 231,417 views per month

(2,777,000 views overall)


Kourtney’s own routine is filled with a variety of products from her own brand, Poosh, in collaboration with some big names in the industry, such as Hora and Garnier.

She also uses a derma roller to allow the products to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Kourtney believes skincare is an essential practice from an early age and often shares face masks with her children.

She says she recently encouraged her son to start a skincare regimen aged 11.

Top 20 Most-Watched Videos

Rank Celebrity Views Per Month Date Published Views Overall
1 Rihanna 981,750 August 2020 3,927,000
2 SOMI 500,000 September 2020 1,500,000
3 Hyram 320,000 July 2020 1,600,000
4 Nina Dobrev 239,650 April 2019 4,793,000
5 Kourtney Kardashian 231,417 December 2019 2,777,000
6 Barbara Palvin 200,571 March 2019 4,212,000
7 Madelyn Cline 200,000 May 2020 1,400,000
8 Jessica Alba 194,000 November 2020 194,000
9 Liza Koshy 171,429 May 2020 1,200,000
10 Camila Mendes 164,833 December 2019 1,978,000
11 Sandra Lee (Dr Pimple Popper) 163,933 September 2019 2,459,000
12 Dove Cameron 157,143 May 2020 1,100,000
13 Phoebe Tonkin 146,500 November 2020 293,000
14 Lisa Eldridge 133,500 October 2020 267,000
15 Eric Nam 122,222 March 2020 1,100,000
16 Michelle Phan 112,429 March 2019 2,361,000
17 Stephanie Shepherd 108,000 October 2019 216,000
18 Ashley Graham 103,938 August 2019 1,663,000
19 Paris Hilton 100,267 September 2019 1,504,000
20 Demi Moore 99,200 September 2019 1,488,000


We analysed videos from the Harper’s Bazaar YouTube series ‘Go to Bed With Me’.

To account for periods of time between uploads, we determined the average monthly watches for each video.

To determine the most engaging, we calculated the number of likes in comparison to views for all videos in the series.

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