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Is CBG Oil The New CBD Oil?

Is CBG Oil The New CBD Oil?

Is CBG Oil The New CBD Oil?

On the surface, it is almost impossible to brand cannabigerol (CBG) the new cannabidiol (CBD) for a number of reasons. CBD has been the leader of this market for as long as it has existed and has extensive research which has been completed over a number of decades.


However, similarly to cannabichromene (CBC), CBG is very much in its infancy of research and therefore its popularity. As time moves on, the popularity could unquestionably begin to flourish as we find out more wellness benefits, health benefits, healthcare advice and health conditions that cannabidiol can help.

What exactly is CBG oil?

CBG, known as cannabigerol, is one of more than 120 cannabinoids identified in the cannabis plant. CBG is a completely natural oil that is derived from the cannabigerol found within the cannabis plant. It is often referred to as the mother of all cannabinoids because most other cannabinoids are derived from cannabigerol acid (CBGA), which is an acid form of CBG.


This effectively means that without CBG, CBD oil and other CBD products would not exist. It is an incredibly important substance for the production of the industry’s most important products. However, in the current market, it is rare to come across CBG-specific products as they are commonly found in smaller quantities than most other cannabinoids.


CBG oil we currently have available is a full spectrum product, meaning that in addition to CBG, it contains a range of almost all of the cannabinoids like CBC, THC, CBN, terpenes and essential oils, which work together to create a phenomenal entourage effect.

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How is CBG made?

CBG is made through the natural growth process of the hemp plant. Cannabigerol (CBG) also occurs through a heating process which will break it down from cannabigerol acid, its acidic form, to a more neutral form which can then be manufactured into the oil. It is also common for CBGA to break down into CBG when exposed to light or UV.


These occurrences typically mean that most strains do not naturally exhibit high concentrations of CBG. Again, the rarity of the substance means that CBG products are much harder to come across than other cannabinoid products, most notably CBD products.

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How is CBG used?

In its CBG-specific form, it will most commonly come in the form of either an oil or a softgel.


Both forms of the CBG  are consumed orally with the daily recommendation being 30mg which equates to 10 drops of oil or two softgels.


You can also consume CBG through CBD oils. This is because CBD oils contain all of the different cannabinoids that there are, including THC. This is called full spectrum.  


Full spectrum hemp extract can increase its benefits and effectiveness.  

Benefits of CBG oil

Help improve inflammatory bowel disease


A 2013 study seemed to show that CBG reduced the inflammation associated with inflammatory bowel disease.

Can act as an effective mental health regulator


Many findings have shown that CBG oil can be used to calm anxiety and effectively relieve stress.

Can be used to stimulate appetite


The appetite-stimulating properties of cannabis are well documented and have been attributed to the hyperphagic activity of the psychoactive.

Fight cancer-causing cells


Studies have shown that CBG could reduce the growth of cancer cells and other tumours.

Can help to regulate your sleep


The cannabinoid strengthens the function of a neurotransmitter called anandamide, which can play a vital role in regulating sleep.

CBG can help to fight glaucoma


CBG may decrease intraocular pressure, some studies show.

How CBG compares to CBD?


As we have previously stated, cannabigerol is just one of around 120 different cannabinoids that can be identified in the cannabis plant. Each and every one of them has its own well-being benefits as well as its own side effects. The three main cannabinoids are undoubtedly CBD, CBC and CBG.


When talking about comparing CBG to other cannabinoids, the main comparison should always be CBD. This is because it is the industry leader and has been since its introduction into the market. The main difference between CBD & CBG, as well as pretty much all of the other cannabinoids is the research behind the substance. For centuries there has been intensive research conducted on CBD, allowing professionals and users to understand more about what they are using.


Following on from this, the intricate research that has gone into CBD compared to other substances such as CBG is obvious when looking at the range of products that are on the market. CBD comes in all different forms such as gummies, carrier oils, vapes, edibles, and a whole range of other products. Whereas products like CBG can only really be found in oils and soft gels.


While CBG research is limited, what we do know is that it shares a lot of the same benefits as CBD. Just like CBD, CBG works with the endocannabinoid system to help maintain balance throughout the body. This system within the body is made up of receptors and molecules that are tasked with keeping our bodies balanced and feeling how they should.

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