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Crystal facial rollers

Crystal facial rollers

How to choose which crystal face roller is right for your skin and your energy

Crystal rollers might just be the chicest way to boost your skin. Not only do they make the most beautiful vanity décor—when they’re not chilling in the freezer, of course—but they also come with plenty of benefits for your face. But with so many different types available, how do you even know which one to choose?

One major difference among rollers variety, though? Their spiritual healing properties. Since your skin can show improvements with each of the four options, your choice really comes down to choosing which crystal you want to introduce into your skincare routine. Here’s what you should know about each.


How long have crystal rollers been around?


It’s safe to say: quite a while. There’s evidence of the use of flat jade stones on the skin in China as far back as the 7th century, and the traditional practice is still used in Gua sha treatments, where the skin is gently scraped to promote oxygenation and regeneration.
The use of other crystals for skincare has also been seen in the Middle Ages and in ancient India.

Physical Benefits of Facial Rollers


Boosts Blood Circulation- Massaging the skin with natural stone boosts blood circulation, which gives your face a brighter, healthier look. A study published in Complementary Therapies in Medicine found that facial massage rollers helped improve blood flow when done for 10 minutes daily for five weeks.


Reduced Risk of Fine Lines & Wrinkles – Our facial muscles hold on to a lot of tension from stress and anxiety (such as the jaw, forehead, eyebrows, etc). Prolonged muscle tension may lead to wrinkles and fine lines. Massaging daily with a crystal roller may help to loosen these tight muscles, increase blood circulation (more than 10 times), and promote the formation of collagen.


Depuffs and Tightens – Poor diet, lack of sleep, and stress can all be contributing factors towards poor circulation around facial areas. This often as puffiness, especially around the eyes. Massaging areas prone to puffiness with a cooling gemstone offers instant depuffing and soothing effects. The gentle pressure and motion of facial roller promotes proper circulation of blood and other fluids. Do you struggle with dark circles and puffy under eyes? Then amplify your facial roller by placing your jade roller in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes before use (or overnight). Massage your under eye area first thing in the morning to assist in lymphatic drainage. You should see results right away!

Cools the Skin-  Stones like jade and rose quartz have cooling properties and help smooth out the skin, while giving you an invigorated, refreshed look. The coolness can also help relieve tension in your jaw and around your temples.

Skincare Penetration – Studies show that massaging skincare products into your skin increases the penetration of active ingredients. Thus, a facial roller can literally amplify the impact of your existing skin care routine. 


Boosts Mood – Just like massaging your shoulders can have calming, mood-boosting effects, so can gently massaging your face. It relieves tension and can be quite therapeutic, helping reduce stress and giving you a sense of self-care.

Crystal Healing Benefits of Gemstone Facial Rollers

hora skin care Crystal Roller



Symbol of serenity, purity and healing. Aids in the body’s filtration and eliminating toxins.

Ideal for wrinkles and loose skin, jade helps raise the immunity of the skin, as well as grow new skin cells.


Jade is highly calming which makes it great for irritated skin conditions. It also improves skin elasticity, encourages lymphatic drainage and help prevent wrinkles.



The stone of universal/unconditional love. Purifies and opens the heart to promote love, self-love, inner healing and feelings of peace.

The ultimate beauty crystal, known as the Crystal of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty.


This ’emotional healer’ can be used to reduce and release impurities and stress in the skin. Its best for detoxing, lifting, and softening fine lines and wrinkles, alongside draining toxins and negativity.

hora skin care Crystal Roller
hora cbd skincare crystal roller



Is a stone which contains some of the most potent energies including elements of fire, water, and earth. It helps brings skin imbalances to the surface and releases them from the body while helping to shield one against negativity.


Obsidian quartz it brings skin imbalances such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema to the surface and releases them from the body. It extracts negative energy which, some experts say, is beneficial to your muscle tissues. It can promote balance and inner-peace within the body, and has healing powers that can improve your mental well-being (stress, anxiety, etc.) and increase confidence



Known as the master healer. Stimulates the immune system and brings the body back into balance. Draws off negative energy while balancing and revitalising all spiritual planes.

Clear quartz has a very high silica content, which is an important mineral for our skin health.

hora skin care Crystal Roller

Incorporate it into your self-care routine


Crystal rolling is the perfect on-the-go self-care activity. Not only does it feel awesome, but it can be an excellent mindfulness ritual. Try closing your eyes and focusing on the physical sensation of the roller gliding over your face. To make it a true sensory experience, put a delicious-smelling facial oil on the roller (this is great for your skin too, as the stone helps your products penetrate the skin more deeply) and put on some relaxing music. As the roller is so small and portable, you can easily pop it in your handbags and do this self-care activity anywhere — whether it’s in the office or while you’re travelling.


How to use a face roller

A facial massage with a roller can be anywhere between five and 10 minutes for the biggest impact. If you only have a minute though, that’s OK too — it will still have a nice cooling, anti-puffy effect. You can use your face roller every day as part of your skin care routine, but even doing it a few times a week has its benefits over time.


Step 1: Cleanse & Tone. You’ll want a good clean foundation to work with when applying your facial serum. Cleanse your skin with your normal face wash and apply your toner (if using a toner). 


Step 2: Apply Serum. Facial rollers work best when used in concert with a potent facial serum or facial oil. After cleansing, gently apply your serum product to your face, neck, and any other areas you plan to use your facial roller. 


Step 3: Massage! Taking your facial roller in hand, apply soft pressure and gently roll each section of your face & neck (cheeks, chin, forehead, under eyes, and neck) for about 15-20 seconds each. Work the roller from the inside of your face outwards and in an upward motion (as if you were giving yourself a face lift!). 


Step 4: Apply a Moisturiser. Now that the serum has been fully absorbed via the facial roller, apply your daily moisturizer as usual and that’s it!

Keep rollin’ rollin’ rolllin’ rollin’

HORA crystal roller skin
hora skin care Crystal Roller
hora skin care crystal roller
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