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Have you tried CBD Lube?

Have you tried CBD Lube?

Why CBD Lube Is Essential for Great Sex?

A healthy sex life is key to a long-lasting, successful relationship, so use all the tools at your disposal — you never know what you’ll discover about yourself or your partner, and isn’t growing together what true partnership is all about?

Best ingredients used in lube for couples


Aloe Vera – If you’ve ever had a sunburn, you’ve likely used a product with aloe vera to help soothe it. Aloe vera-based sex lubes offer soothing and protective benefits. However, the drawback to aloe-based lubes is that they are thinner in consistency, which doesn’t make them an ideal choice for anal play.

It’s also crucial for people with latex allergies to know that these lubes may contain a small amount of natural latex derivative known as aloe sap (also called bitter yellow latex). While most of this sap is filtered out during the manufacturing process, people with latex allergies may still want to steer clear of any potential risk.


Coconut oil – also lands solidly on our list of the best lube ingredients. Coconut oil is especially beneficial for people dealing with vaginal dryness during menopause. The ingredient is naturally hydrating, so it helps to soothe and coat vaginal tissue, helping to reduce water loss and keep everything moist, wet, and resilient.

A drawback to using pure coconut oil as lube is that it can be incredibly messy and stain your bed sheets and clothes. Stick with coconut oil as an active ingredient in a lubricant, not a solo product.


CBD – is an excellent way to help reduce stress and tension, but did you know you can also use it as a primary ingredient in lube? CBD can help increase blood flow, physical arousal, and sexual pleasure when applied to erogenous areas of our bodies.

When viewed through the lens of compassion for sufferers of painful sex, people dealing with reproductive dysfunction, and those experiencing hormonal changes or mental conditions that result in decreased sexual desire and satisfaction, the use of CBD in the bedroom can be seen as therapeutic.



Ingredients To Avoid in Lube

Just like choosing the right ingredients, there are a few ingredients we suggest avoiding when selecting the best sex lube for you and your partner.



Glycerin is an ingredient often added to lube to help it retain moisture. It’s most commonly found in flavoured lubes since glycerin is a sugar by product. Unfortunately, the added sugar can also trigger infections, especially for people already prone to yeast overgrowth.



Parabens are artificial preservatives used in many personal care products. However, there has recently been some discussion on whether parabens can mimic estrogen, messing with the body’s natural hormone balance. Studies are ongoing, but buying paraben-free lubes is likely the safer option.



Petroleum (yes, the same ingredient found in medicine cabinets across the country, aka Vaseline) should also be avoided. It’s just too sticky and can make the vagina less pH-balanced, leading to an increased risk of infections like bacterial vaginosis.



Phthalates are manufactured chemicals used to make products more durable. The same discussion surrounding parabens is also happening with phthalates, so it’s best to avoid this ingredient.



CBD lube may seem like a novelty, but it does so much more than kick up the heat in the bedroom.


The reasons why CBD lube works are multifaceted, much like the people who use it. 


The topical application of CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system in your body, which controls homeostasis and can effect everything from your mood, stress, appetite to your sex drive and your body’s response during sex


CBD may ease tension in the body and relax muscles, allowing comfort to pave the way for pleasure. Just about anyone can benefit from a product that makes sex and masturbation more pleasurable, but CBD lube is an absolute game changer for people who experience:



Pain resulting from sexual trauma and pain caused by conditions like vaginismus, endometriosis, and childbirth



Decreased libido or sexual desire due to hormonal changes or medications



Dryness experienced post-menopause or after radiation treatments



Tension or an inability to relax, especially related to the pelvic floor,


CBD lube works by creating a pathway to more enjoyable sexual contact. This concept goes beyond a novelty or trendy sex product and truly becomes a tool for healing. Cannabis is a vasodilator and can increase blood flow when applied directly to an area, increasing sensation. 



  • It may instill a feeling of relaxation, which could make sex more pleasurable for some.
  • CBD lube can also be used as a massage oil during foreplay.
  • Using it may heighten sensitivity in the appropriate areas of the body for some people.
  • Kush Queen CBD lube allows for easier penetration and less discomfort during sex.
  • It may help to decrease tension in the pelvic floor.



About Kush Queen CBD lube


Kush Queen CBD lube is water-based, making it safe for use with latex and silicone, so whether you’re embarking on solo-play or engaging with a partner, you can enjoy the benefits of CBD lube without the hassle or worry. Unlike many CBD lubes on the market, Kush Queen CBD Lube is actually a lubricant and not an oil-based formula infused with CBD. 



Kush Queen CBD Lube  is clean, meaning that it is never tested on animals and does not contain:  phthalates, glycerin, parabens, petrochemical free, and instead is organic, vegan, latex compatible and non-staining. 


Those who use CBD are often incredibly concerned about what they put into their bodies (and why shouldn’t you be?), so why ignore what goes into lube?



Kush Queen CBD lube was created for both men and women. 

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