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CBD And Tattoo

CBD And Tattoo

CBD Oil for Tattoos: Pain, Nerves, and Aftercare

It doesn’t matter if you’re getting your first sleeve or you’re a regular at your local tattoo studio, getting inked will always hurt.


It hurts even more when you get one on your ribs, stomach, and shins. This is because tattooing involves piercing the skin repeatedly to stick tiny amounts of pigment in it. Modern inking equipment can make up to 3,000 punctures per minute. This action causes the body’s immune cells, called “macrophages,” to rush to the wound and combine with the ink, making it last for a lifetime on the skin.


A tattoo is a permanent and artistic way of expressing yourself, but it’s also a scar that may take about four to six weeks to heal. Apart from the pain and irritation, new tattoos may also be vulnerable to infections. It’s common for some people to develop swelling and inflammation from their new ink.

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The most painful places for tattoos:


  • Ribs (this is the most painful area of the body and the needle naturally shrinks when it comes into contact with the ribs)
  • Fingers and backs of hands (places with minimal subcutaneous fat and high density of nerve endings)
  • Hips (part of the body with very thin skin)
  • Inner thighs (great pain is caused mainly by poor accessibility for the tattooist and the need to be in an unnatural position)
  • Ankles (minimal fat and very close contact between needle, skin and bone)


The wrists, eyelids, mid buttocks or wrists and neck are also very sensitive. There are certain places on the body that are less painful because of the abundance of fat and muscle, including: Upper back, Outer arm, Upper outer thigh, Butt, Forearm, Calves.

While there is a physical sensation when getting a tattoo that can be uncomfortable, the mildness of the pain is often amplified by anxiety. The best thing we can do to manage the pain of getting tattooed is to manage anxiety.


Anxiety can be caused by many things, including stress, a traumatic event, or even caffeine. Anxiety is a fight-or-flight response and is our evolutionary adaptation to avoid or prepare for danger.


Anxiety is a feeling of unease, worry, or fear. Fears both real and imagined give us heightened awareness causing stress, worry, and increased sensitivity to physical discomfort, which can play a big role in your experience while getting a tattoo


This is all a good thing in small amounts! It is your body’s way of alerting you to potential danger so that you can stay safe. If we are getting ready to run away or to fight, anxiety can be helpful but when we are getting tattooed, we have to remind ourselves that we are not in danger and our bodies do not require the tense, discomfort or anxiety.


For some people, anxiety can cause pain during tattoos. This is because when we are anxious, our heart rate and blood pressure increase. This can lead to pain in the body, including during tattoos.

Managing anxiety is the best way to reduce pain during tattoos. When we can control and direct the feelings we experience when anxiety hits we can actually use it to cope. This can give us a boost of energy and help us focus.


CBD products could have a variety of benefits to help relieve physical and mental discomfort during various stages of the tattoo process.


How Can CBD Help When Getting a Tattoo?

CBD may help Skin Hydration


Following a tattoo, it’s crucial to keep the skin hydrated and moisturised (we’re sure your tattooist will stress the importance of this). Cannabidiol exhibits intensely hydrating properties and is a natural moisturiser of choice for many, so could be a great option for tattoo aftercare. Moisturising the area minimises peeling and sticking which could affect the appearance of your design and cause uncomfortable itching. CBD is rich in essential fatty acids that help support our natural skin barrier and retain moisture in the skin cells. So, using topically-applied CBD oils tincture or Balms can help keep your skin moisturised and your tattoo protected.


Keep applying your CBD tattoo balm or oil even after your ink is healed (this will be around 3 months post-tattoo session). This will help to keep the definition of the ink and colours.


CBD may help with Anxiety


CBD is widely used for anxiety relief. The cannabinoid can reduce symptoms of anxiety and combat stress, subsequently improving focus, clearing the mind and increasing calmness. The most effective CBD-enriched products for anxiety relief is full spectrum CBD oil tincture. So when booking in for your next tattoo session, be sure to have CBD to calm your nerves; not only will it keep you relaxed, it will help you manage your pain better and enable the tattoo artist to do their job more easily!


For best results:  CBD works best with consistent use, so we strongly recommend building up your CBD usage few weeks before your tattoo session. Hold CBD oil under your tongue for 60-90 sec before swallowing. you can use the same CBD oil directly on tattoo too.


CBD may reduce Risk of Infection


It seems there’s no limit to CBD’s talents, as the cannabis derivative is also famous for being a particularly effective antioxidant. This means it helps the body to fight off free radicals and protects the body and skin cells from damage. This means that CBD can help protect the vulnerable wound from infection while minimising scabbing.

Additionally, CBD has been shown to provide the immune system with a natural boost.

CBD may Enhanced Healing


The better you protect your skin after your ink session, the better – and quicker – healing and recovery will be.

Thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and hydrating properties, CBD can considerably boost the healing process. It can minimise scarring and skin damage and reduce itching and inflammation while providing calming relief when applied topically to the skin.

CBD may help with Swelling Relief


CBD is widely regarded for its anti-inflammatory properties and is increasingly used in skincare to soothe and ease swollen, tender skin. Topical CBD such as CBD creams, balms and lotions enter the top layers of the skin rather than being absorbed into the bloodstream and circulated around the body, so the cannabinoid remains concentrated in the area required.

When your tattoo is completed, the skin is typically red and swollen. Applying a topical CBD product can gently help the skin to heal and lessen the risk of scarring.

Is getting a tattoo safe?

Tattoos can be safe provided that you go to a reputable tattooist with a license. Firstly, take a look at the premises where your “torture” is to be carried out – how clean is it? Are basic hygiene rules being followed? Detachable parts of the machine should be disinfected and sterilized in advance. To avoid infection, ask for a disposable needle and tip (or module). These should be in a sealed package before the tattooist uses them. The ink should be in a container that looks like a tube for a single injection with a couple of drops of pigment in it. The tattooist themselves should wear gloves and change them if they rip.


All these precautions will eliminate the risk of contracting various infections, and there are many of them. You can catch hepatitis, chlamydia, fungal diseases, and even AIDS or syphilis – because there is direct contact with blood. So before getting a beautiful image on your body, make sure everything is safe for you! Preparation is key and the hot tip of the day is to use CBD to help you in every stage of the process. 

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