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Benefits of CBD Bath Bombs

Benefits of CBD Bath Bombs

6 Key Benefits of CBD Bath Bombs


The age-old debate of ‘shower versus bath’ has been going around for generations and has split opinions all over the world. However, deep down we all know that a warm bath is (and always will be) unequivocally superior.
A relaxing bath does not only provide anti-inflammatory properties, relaxation for sore muscles and pain relief, but they’re also a sweet escape from reality.


Baths cultivate a peaceful wellness space where we can retreat to where books get devoured, music plays uninterrupted, and favourite foods are enjoyed in peace.

What is CBD 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of 113 cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant. Together with tetrahydrocannabinol, it accounts for up to 40% of the plant’s extract. Unlike other cannabidiols such as THC, it does not get you high or alter your brain function in any way. Its popularity has grown tremendously and is now commonly used in CBD oils, creams, lotions, balms, gummies and other products across the skincare and healthcare industries.


The natural ingredient is by far the most popular cannabinoid from the hemp plant, which is why it is used in products like bath bombs to help enhance your bath experience and skin health.

Why CBD Bath Bombs?


CBD bath bombs are a very popular CBD product and also a great addition to your self-care routine as they have a huge amount of potential health benefits. These wonderfully infused bath bombs can help you truly make the most out of your bath time ritual. The non-intoxicating CBD intensifies muscle relaxation and can simultaneously help your mind and body to unwind more easily.

1 - There are lots of varieties

Much like all other bath bombs, CBD-infused ones come in a lot of different varieties. Kush Queen offers some that are tailor-made to promote rest and better sleep. We also have options to revamp and revitalise your skin and others that’ll make you feel more energetic and engaged.

The effect isn’t the only factor to consider when purchasing a bath bomb. Aromatherapy is a common reason people use these quality products. Choose a scent that makes you feel better than before, such as lavender, florals, sandalwood, or peppermint.

2 - They’re Easy to Use

CBD is generally pretty easy to use, but bath bombs take convenience to a whole new level. There is no need to decipher complex instructions as you would with a tincture or an edible; in this case, you simply put a bath bomb in the tub and let it work its magic.

Because Kush Queen bath bombs already come with the appropriate amount of CBD infused in them, you don’t need to worry about perfecting your dosage either. Instead, sit back and watch as the colours move throughout the water and enjoy the therapeutic scent as it hits your nose.

3 - They May Heal Muscle Pain

Did you know that clinical studies have suggested that CBD indirectly improves the immune system’s response to pain? CBD eliminates negative hormones and the proliferation of T-cells within the body. The CB1 and CB2 receptors in your natural body are strengthened and help to reduce muscle and joint pain.

CBD bath bombs work extremely effectively at this because they immerse your entire body in CBD. Unlike with a tincture or edible, you will be surrounded by its healing properties. This helps to promote your holistic health in all areas of the body.

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4 - They Magnify Healing Effects

Baths are incredibly healing no matter the circumstances. Stretching and moving in water provides strength through resistance. Plus, baths can help you breathe better and potentially improve both your brain and nervous system.

Certain studies suggest that baths can help your heart and make you more immune to diseases, but these are not 100% proven as fact.

It’s undeniable, however, that baths feel good and benefit your muscles, joints, and bones. Additionally, since hot water opens pathways that provide more oxygen to your brain, aromatherapy from bath bomb fragrances is likely very effective.

5 - They Provide a Spa-Like Experience

Spas are intended to relax both your mind and body, and that’s what CBD bath bombs do. Much like Epsom salts, they offer head-to-toe relaxation in your bathwater which leads to less anxiety, and less anxiety leads to overall better mental and physical health.

Also, since these products are a true luxury, Kush Queen CBD bath bombs will make you feel like all types of high-class royalty from home.


Best of all, each bath bomb that we offer is price-comparable with other high-quality bath and body companies. Since these other companies don’t let you reap the benefits of CBD infusion, this is a huge benefit.

6 - They Can Benefit Your Skin

Regular bath bombs can benefit your skin in general because of the essential oils infused within them. These oils nourish, moisturise, and revitalise your skin to keep it smooth and comfortable. CBD bath bombs also incorporate basic essential oils in addition to cannabis, so they retain these benefits. However, like the other properties of baths, CBD magnifies these effects.  


A 2020 study suggests that there is therapeutic potential for CBD to help those with skin disorders become healthier. It also is likely proactive in keeping healthy skin moist and preventing problems further down the line.

People often use CBD bath bombs to help with skin problems such as eczema. A warm bath can often offer a level of relief to individuals who suffer from this skin condition and the added side effects of CBD can add even more benefits for sensitive skin. This is because it has amazing antioxidants and other skin-healing properties.


While the overall topical benefits are still being studied, you should 100% try it to see if it works for you. Many users cite that there’s a lot of truth to this research, proclaiming how CBD makes their skin feel revitalized and nourished. Since bath bombs touch all of your skin, this is a great way to try them out.

Why give CBD Bath Bombs to your friends and family this Christmas

A Full Body CBD Topical – Your skin is your biggest organ, so by submerging your body fully into the CBD-infused water you are experiencing a full-body topical application. Think relaxed muscles, soothed aches and eased tension across your entire body. 

Immune System Boost – CBD is a known anti-bacterial. The Christmas season typically brings more travel and contact with people (read as more exposure to germs). We like to up our CBD daily intake this time of year as a preventative measure to keep our Endocannabinoid and immune systems nourished.  

A 20-Minute Recharge – During this time of year, we often put a stronger emphasis on others rather than ourselves. Whether it’s going to every party we are invited to or squeezing in a last-minute gift-getting errand at the end of the day, Christmas is a hectic time. Doing a once a week CBD-infused bath can be those 20 minutes you didn’t know how bad you needed. It’s easy to get swept up in the shuffle, so here’s a reminder to take some time to let your body relax and your mind rest.

Get Relaxing CBD Bath Bombs Today

While there are tons of ways you can relax, the only thing that can compete with a hot bath is a dose of CBD. Luckily, you don’t need to choose between the two!


Now that you know why CBD bath bombs are an amazing choice, it’s time to start shopping. Browse our online shop to find the perfect bath bombs for your next bathtime ritual.

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