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Infinity CBD Natures Balm

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Infinity CBD Nature’s Balm was developed for simplicity. There isn’t a single ingredient used that isn’t necessary.

Some people with sensitive skin just want something that simply works without potentially inflammatory added ingredients.



Strength: 300mg full spectrum CBD

Size: 50ml

No added scents, abrasives, additives or fancy colouring.



Restore your Body with Infinity CBD


Infinity Nature’s Balm 300mg is a simple balm with a lot to say.

The Infinity CBD story began with a local Fibromyalgia support group. They were exploring alternative remedies to help manage crippling symptoms, including chronic pain. Many of the Infinity CBD products have been created with this group in mind. Products are lovingly handcrafted using a small batch, quality-assured production process. The team have a clear mission to promote health and wellbeing using all natural ingredients.


  • Pure Coconut Oil –  is very high in lauric and caprylic acid. Both of which are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral so it’s perfect for sensitive skin. Coconut oil is also considered to be great at repairing the skin’s natural barrier function.
  • Vitamin E – Aids topical absorption, antioxidant, can reduce appearance of scars
  • Almond Oil – Promotes smooth healthy skin
  • Beeswax – Can promote healthy skin, moisturising properties
  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil – is extracted from the hemp plant and is one of a wide spectrum of cannabinoids. Many are thought to boost wellbeing in the body and a feeling of calm.


Pure coconut oil is primary carrier oil for this balm, which does a great job promoting healthy skin.  Vitamin E is delicately introduced for its many positive properties, it’s a brilliant antioxidant and can reduce the appearance of scars, it aids in efficient topical absorption of  Full Spectrum CBD.

Almond oil is the carrier for Vitamin E which helps your skin look smooth, soft and free of thin lines. These oils are carefully blended at the precise ratio with beeswax to maintain stability. Not only that but beeswax can also be attributed to helping skin health with moisturising and nourishing properties.



How to use  – A little bit goes a long way with this cheeky little number. Solid at a room temperature, it’s best to use your nail to roll a small amount up before applying using your finger tip. Start with a thimble sized amount and apply to the affected area. With subtle notes of the extract, the balm should rub in evenly and be absorbed within a few minutes. Apply again when needed.

For topical relief, use your thumb to slowly press the balm into the affected areas and increase the blood flow to maximise subnormal absorption.




Infinity Nature’s Balm 300mg is an effective CBD Topicals Product.


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Precautions Rinse in case of contact with eyes or skin irritation. Please test on a small area of skin before full application.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Keep out of reach of children.

Additional information


Cocos nucifera oil, Cera alba, Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, Cannabis sativa flower/leaf/stem extract, Tocopherol

Allergens – Almond


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