ZenBears are a CBD gummy company based in the UK. ZenBears have become masters of their craft, they follow Zen principles of doing one thing at a time and doing it well. They have focused exclusively on creating and developing market leading CBD Gummies with outstanding results. Earn Miracle Leaf Points with every purchase, and enjoy free delivery on all orders over £50.

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CBD gummy bears are edible sweets that have been infused or coated with cannabidiol (CBD), a beneficial, non-intoxicating cannabis compound. They provide a tasty, easy-to-use alternative to CBD oil. They are designed to make ingesting CBD easier and tastier which is why they are usually made with fruit juice flavours including apple and orange.


ZenBears products are pharmacist formulated ensuring their efficiency. Each CBD gummy is pharmaceutically coated. Once coated and ready for sale and consumption they are third party lab tested to assess the cannabinoid and THC profiles with all lab reports being made public on our website.


ZenBears gummy bears are made with pectin rather than gelatin, making them suitable for vegans.


CBD gummies are produced using broad-spectrum CBD distillate, which is pharmaceutically coated to maximise sublingual absorption. Each gummy contain 20mg of CBD, and we recommend that you take 1-2 gummies a day.


ZenBears use natural flavours including orange, lemon, raspberry, elderflower and sour cherry. You will also find a bit of citric acid and malic acid to give gummies the classic tart flavouring you find in traditional gummy bears.