Kush Queen

Experience premium CBD wellness products designed to pamper you from the inside out helping you feel truly beautiful. Women-owned brand Kush Queen has had a strong spot in the hemp game since 2015. Prioritising optimal wellness and beauty, the Kush Queen range includes CBD infused products like gummies, lube, lotions and of course the famous Kush Queen bath bomb. All Kush Queen products are handmade with love, transparency and you in mind. So you can truly invest in your inner Kush Queen!

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About Kush Queen, CEO Olivia Alexander

“It’s not every day that people start companies with $0 and pipe dreams, yet that’s how it all started. From our family kitchen and garage, we developed our first CBD products. At the time, our business was called The Crystal Cult where we made Swarovski crystal vape pens. Even though we experienced early success, something was missing. We wanted to create a more accessible wellness-focused products and share our family’s passion for cannabis.

Our namesake, Kush Queen was born from a community favorite vape – The Kush Queen and our unwavering commitment to our community has never changed. You guide us.
At this time, I had been working in the cannabis industry for a while and didn’t see many topical cannabis products that spoke to me. Weird textures, dense oils, the wellness element was missing and I kept thinking, where is the intersection of Lush-like quality and cannabis.


That thought track led to what you experience today with Kush Queen CBD Bath Bombs. Since day one, my mom and I worked and reworked the blends and processes until they were high-quality and potent. “– Olivia


The Kush Queen Hemp Process

Sourced from nutrient-dense soil in Oregon, hemp is grown and harvested in solvent, GMO and pesticide-free farming methods. The hemp is then carefully extracted without the use of any harsh chemicals. CBD is then ready for blended into bath bombs, gummies, etc for true Kush Queen magic.


Each product is lovingly made by hand, combining quality products with high-quality CBD. All products are made on the Kush Queen site with a shared passion for the much-loved and highly-used products.


From helping you relax, and pampering your body to aiding a restful night’s sleep Kush Queen does it all. And for those late-night bedroom antics, enhance sexual pleasure and play with the Kush Queen CBD lube, a water-based CBD lube designed for fast absorption.


Shop The Kush Queen CBD Range

Explore handmade CBD Bath Bombs, full spectrum CBD gummies or try water based CBD lube to help you with sexual wellness.


Relax, pamper and unwind with the Kush Queen CBD range for a great start to your wellness journey. Collect Miracle Points on every Miracle Leaf order you place with us and redeem points against future orders for exclusive discounted purchases. Buy Kush Queen today and unlock power of CBD.


Fancy a dip? A relaxing CBD bath? Soak away your worries and allow your body to absorb the essential oils and CBD ingredients releasing all over comfort and relaxation. Like all CBD products and oils the essential oils and CBD molecules play on your endocannabinoid system allowing you to slip into a wonderfully magic state of relaxation.

Kush Queen lube is infused with CBD to enhance your sexual experiences and ensure sex is as pain-free and pleasant as possible. This CBD water-based sex lube ensures quick absorption for a fast-acting result. Whether it is personal lube or paired with a partner enhance arousal, soothe and excite with the Kush Queen CBD lube.

Full-spectrum CBD gummies, blend CBD and delicious flavours for easy, on the go CBD dosing. There's no need to measure just chew on the go. Enjoy the sweet strawberry flavour of a sweetie with the added benefit of supporting your endocannabinoid system (ECS) helping regulate and support sleep, anxiety, immunity and so much more.