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Promote pet well-being with King Kanine supplements specifically designed to contain natural ingredients and improve your dog and cat health. Earn Miracle Points with every purchase, and enjoy free delivery on all orders over £50.

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King Kanine Pet Vitamins & Supplements

Taking care of your pets from the inside out, the award-winning King Kanine range includes dog supplements, shampoo, de-shedding brushes and dog/cat grooming kits.



Dog Food Superfood Supplements

Support your furry friend’s immunity, coat and joints with King Kanine’s Green Immune Joint & Coat Supplement packed with superfoods including minerals and vitamins to promote your pet’s wellness and mobility.


King Kanine Mushroom Plus blend provides your pet with essential minerals, nutrients and enzymes. High in B vitamins to support your pet’s health, including immunity, digestion, bone and joint health.


Protein-packed with the benefit of added prebiotic and joint support, Strong Plus is designed to complement commercial pet foods adding vital missing nutrients. A great option for older, senior pets, helping you easily take care of inflammation and joint pain and support muscle health.


“At King Kanine our main objective is to promote pet health inside and out. We achieve this by offering pet owners the best products for pets, bringing joy to tons of households across the country as we help keep their four-legged companions happy and healthy.” – King Kanine


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Shop with Miracle Leaf to purchase King Kanine’s pet vitamins & supplements range, now available in the UK. Choose high-quality pet food supplements and dog grooming products for a happy healthy furry friend. Pamper your pooch from the inside out with vitamin and mineral-packed supplements and natural pet shampoo to help manage shedding while supporting a clean and soft coat.


Spoil your pet with the highest quality standard products and nutrition. Each product has been tested by third-party laboratories for quality and content. Earn Miracle Points with every purchase, and enjoy free delivery on all orders over £50.


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King Kanine cat and dog supplements help promote and support a healthy immune system in your pets. However, if you are looking to support your pet's diet with added protein and nutrients to support joint health and treat inflammation in older dogs, Strong Plus will provide a great all-round pet food supplement for ageing dogs. To support mobility and coat, choose King Kanine’s Green Immune Plus super food supplement. For pets of all ages including dogs and cats, Mushroom Plus is packed with 7 different types of mushrooms meaning it's naturally high in B vitamins including essential minerals, enzymes and nutrients to enhance the well-being of your pets.

Pet vitamins & supplements are essential if you feed your pets a homemade diet. Most dog food should contain all the essential minerals and vitamins however, this is not always the case. We would recommend checking the ingredients and nutritional profile and breakdown. Extra pet supplementation is a great way to boost your pet's nutrition while supporting their health, coat and immune system.

Pamper your pet with King Kanine Organic Shampoo and award winning de-shedding brush kombo kit. Lather up your pooch, massaging the shampoo deeply into their coat and skin. Combine shampooing with the King Komb de-shedding tool for the ultimate pamper session. For those serial shedders, look no further than the King Kanine King Komb de-shedding tools, designed to catch pet hair while grooming, keeping their coat silky and smooth!