Hora Skincare

Hora crystal roller is the beauty tool for the modern woman, and here at Miracle Leaf, we can’t get enough. Not only are crystal rollers linked with the power of reducing fine lines and wrinkles, they can also (deep breath) reduce the appearance of puffiness, brighten skin, improve product absorption, and giving your face a good old workout.

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What is face rolling?

Typically made from jade or rose quartz crystals, face rollers are used to gently massage the face and stimulate the lymphatic system to decrease puffiness, ease tension and stimulate blood flow to increase your skin’s glow. Plus, the soothing effects of face rolling are shown to lower cortisol levels – and cortisol contributes towards aging.


Does face rolling work?

Yes, if you roll the right way – or if you roll with purpose and not just randomly all over your face. And only roll upwards, not back and forth. To get that more sculpted effect, she advises rolling in the morning, and, although crystal rollers are naturally cool – especially rose quartz, which is denser – chill them beforehand in the refrigerator for even better results.


Use a cream or an oil for ‘slip’ over the skin and gently start rolling along the jawline, from the chin out to the ear, so you are actually draining away the fluid that causes the puffiness. Do this for at least five ‘rolls’, and then move up, rolling under the cheek bone from the side of the nose to the ear, then up under the eye to the temple and down to the ear.


It should take about five minutes to do your face, working over each area – some of my clients use two rollers at once, doing both sides of their face at the same time, as I do in my facials.


Using your roller over a sheet mask will help the ingredients penetrate more deeply, but you can also use a face roller as the final step in your skincare routine to boost the absorption of your products.