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Category Archives: Skinny Protein Mix

Skinny Protein Energy Balls 1

Skinny Protein Energy Balls

A quick and delicious snack for more energy, especially before or after your workout.

3-Ingredient Protein Bites 2

3-Ingredient Protein Bites

Looking for a healthy post-workout snack? Packed with plant-based protein and made with just 3 ingredients, these date energy balls are just what you need!

Protein ice cream

Protein Ice Cream

Treat yourself after those hard workouts with this 5-ingredient Protein Ice Cream.

vegan pesto pasta

Vegan Pesto Pasta

Take your pasta game to the next level with this supercharged vegan pesto pasta dish!

cashew sour cream

Cashew Sour Cream

Take your french fry game to the next (healthy) level with roasted potato wedges and cashew sour cream.