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Do dogs need a dog chiropractors

Do dogs need a dog chiropractors

Everything you need to know about Chiropractor for dogs.


Many dogs, especially aging ones, suffer from spinal problems and joint pain for a variety of reasons, and chiropractors can be used to mitigate pain and symptoms without requiring invasive procedures. For this reason, dog chiropractor services are often covered by pet insurance, meaning that dog chiropractor prices are not as bad as some owners might expect.


Keep reading if you are concerned about the health of your pet and could use a new perspective on how to keep them living their best life.



Dog chiropractors – Who needs them and why?


All dogs, and especially older ones, are likely to experience joint or spinal problems throughout their lives. While veterinarians will often recommend changing their diets and increasing their daily exercise, beyond these small lifestyle changes, there is often little to be done besides use pharmaceutical products or have a dog undergo surgery. Of course, there is nothing necessarily wrong with these options, but many dog owners will question the decision to put an older dog through surgery or risk having them experience side-effects of certain pharmaceutical products. Additionally, there is no knowing whether or not these joint or spinal problems will return later on, making the decision to pursue surgery a questionable one, financially and emotionally.



Dog chiropractors offer a natural, non-invasive approach to these problems. Very often, these services can help reduce pain in the short and long term. This can be invaluable for aging dogs but younger ones as well, whose owners are wary about putting them through procedures which are costly and can cause lasting physical wear.


Each treatment normally lasts 45min-60min, however the first treatment usually takes longer. Small dogs, especially if the animal has regular treatments will take slightly less time.



Agility and working dogs: These active dogs need regular chiropractic care to restore and maintain flexibility and to achieve and maintain peak performance.



Older dogs: Many age-related conditions such as arthrosis and spondylosis can cause compensation in the dogs spine and other joints in the body. Chiropractic can help to prevent the build-up of compensatory problems which lead to abnormal movement patterns, keeping the dog as flexible and functioning as normally as possible.



Breeding dogs: Birthing difficulties can cause musculoskeletal problems in both the bitch and the pups.



Pets: Dogs don`t have to have a special `job` to need a chiropractor! All dogs will benefit from chiropractic care as they easily pick up micro-traumas throughout their lives, from a difficult birth, playing with their siblings as puppies, having slips and falls, being in a car during a collision, badly fitting harness or collars, `T-boning` by another dog, repetitive strains and sprains from sport or work. Even overly- long nails can change the action and formation of the toes, causing a knock-on effect up the limb and into the spine!



Canine Chiropractic can help if your dog is:


  • Hesitant to jump in/out of car
  • Showing signs of pain when touched
  • Stiff after lying down or exercising
  • Less playful than normal
  • Reluctant to climb stairs
  • Holding head down whilst walking
  • Negative change in attitude
    `Puppy sitting`
  • Clamping tail or not wagging
  • Showing reduced performance in work or sports
  • Compensating in other joints due to presence of osteoarthritis
  • Dragging toes or showing uneven pad wear
  • Showing signs of muscle asymmetry
  • Moving on three tracks
  • Showing defensive behaviour towards other dogs
  • Unusually shortening the stride
  • Developing an unusual or abnormal gait


Utilising the body’s ability to heal itself


Pet owners often opt to use the services of dog chiropractors because they encourage the body to heal itself. For this reason, canine chiropractic services are viewed as holistic and natural. These services can also be utilized alongside pharmaceutical products recommended by one’s veterinarian, giving one’s dog the best possible shot at beating their symptoms and returning to a healthier life. Dog chiropractors can treat a wide range of services, including chronic musculoskeletal problems, tension or stiffness, muscle spasms, hip or elbow dysplasia, and more.



More considerations for dog owners


Most pet owners who bring their dogs in for chiropractic services will notice a marked improvement in their dogs movement and posture over time. There should also be a notable decrease in the severity of pain one’s dog experiences. Dog chiropractor prices are often determined by location and practitioner expertise.



Veterinary Consent


As a prerequisite to treatment, owners must obtain permission from the animal`s primary vet. This is a legal requirement in the UK.


You might be  interested in seeking holistic treatment for your pet other all-natural supplements. Please contact us for advice. 


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