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It’s been a long journey since Kush Queen formulated first bath bomb and CBD has exploded on a international level. Some that use Kush Queen products have experience with the plant, others have never even tried a CBD product before.

The two most important things for Kush Queen are the products and the people that use them. Being transparent is a part of that commitment, so I wanted to break down the entire process from soil to the time it arrives to your door.

The CEO of Kush Queen,  she use products daily. It’s the daily exposure to cannabinoids that helps her achieve homeostasis in her body. Every ingredient is important to her because she use the products every single day.


The life of hemp begins with a seed. Kush Queen source their hemp from Oregon, where the soil is rich with nutrients and the climate allows a full growing season. Some hemp in other parts of the country is grown on land where tobacco was previously grown (and sprayed with endless pesticides). The health of the soil, nutrients, and climate all matter. Once the seeds are planted, the plants then grow and flower, the entire process takes around six months (generally planting in late spring and harvesting in the fall). The way a farmer cares for its plants is important. Genetically modified nutrients and pesticides could be introduced to the plant if the farmer does not carefully follow natural or organic practices. Once the plant is fully grown, it’s time to harvest it.

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Once the hemp is harvested, it’s what we call ‘bio mass’. This is the part of the process where the hemp is extracted from the physical plant. There are a number of ways you can remove the desired active molecules from the harvested plant, which is known as extraction. Alcohol, CO2, butane, even just water or heat and pressure are known methods used in cannabis extraction. Kush Queen use hemp extract that has been processed to the point where it is absolutely free of any residual solvents or is extracted through solvent-free methods.

Once the oil is extracted it goes through a process called chromatography. This process separates the oil into different phases that contain different concentrations of molecules in order to create different types of finished extracts.

Here’s a gallery of the Hemp Processing:

How Kush Queen CBD Products are Made 1


How Kush Queen CBD Products are Made 2


How Kush Queen CBD Products are Made 3


How Kush Queen CBD Products are Made 4


How Kush Queen CBD Products are Made 5


Once the hemp is processed into either finished oil or CBD isolate, it arrives at  Kush Queen facility. This is where it becomes the magical ingredient in products. Some of Kush Queen products contain CBD in its oil form while others are converted to patent-pending water-based form. Their use this water-based CBD because it allows it penetrate through the dermis of the skin and they don’t have to depend only on oil-based formulations. This way the CBD absorbs right into your bloodstream, so the bio-availability of the CBD is greatly improved.

Kush Queen team creates each product by hand, carefully weighing out each amount of CBD for each batch, so your products are accurately dosed. Their combine it with other ingredients that are source with the same care as they do with CBD.

Kush Queen production team compounds each product in their facilities, not just with care to the formulas, but with the shared passion of the products that their all love and use daily.

Most of products take, on average, 3-5 days to make; including compounding, drying, filling, labelling, packaging, lab testing, and quality control. At any given time, CEO of Kush Queen will personally pull samples off the line and use them. 

Then Kush Queen team ships them to your door or to one of our 750+ retail partners for you to enjoy.

I hope this blog has given you some insight to how much work goes into your Kush Queen CBD products. Kush Queen brand is a labor of love and every product is a part of their journey and yours. 

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