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Your Super Chocolate Protein

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Your Super Chocolate protein is clean, plant-based mix designed to support brain function, reduce inflammation, and boost your immune system.

Power your body and nourish your mind.

  • Improves athletic performance & accelerates post-workout recovery
  • Supports brain health & mental well-being
  • Formulated by holistic nutritionists
  • Taste: Chocolatey, slightly sweet


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Add two tablespoons of Chocolate Protein to plant-based milk, smoothies, oatmeal or snacks. For best results, use daily.



Finally, a truly clean chocolate protein powder!

Made from only 6 organic ingredients, this powerful mix of plant-based proteins, functional mushrooms and superfoods will help you build a strong body and mind.

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Sustainably sourced pea protein has a strong amino acid profile that speeds up muscle recovery and growth. A plus: it’s perfect for anyone with specific food allergies or sensitivities. Pea protein is completely plant-based and one of the most easily digestible protein sources.

  • Builds muscle mass.
  • Keeps you fuller longer.
  • Is good for your heart.
  • Can promote kidney function.


Your Super Chocolate Protein 2


While there’s been a newfound interest in this controversial ingredient, hemp actually has a long history. Humans have been cultivating and using hemp for medicinal purposes for thousands of years — dating back as far as 10,000 B.C. Hemp and marijuana come from the cannabis family (they actually come from different breeds of the Cannabis sativa plant), but that’s about all they have in common.

Hemp protein is an excellent source of protein containing all amino acids – including the 9 essential amino acids that our bodies can’t produce on its own. It’s also packed with micronutrients that help with muscle recovery!

  • It’s a complete protein.
  • It’s builds & repairs muscles.
  • It might reduce your risk of heart disease.
  • Improves digestion & cleanses the colon.
  • It fights sugar cravings.


Your Super Chocolate Protein 3


Raw cacao contains 4 times more antioxidants than regular dark chocolate and even 20 times more than blueberries. Plus, it’s a real mood booster and reduces cravings! This healthy alternative to chocolate contains, on average, 713% more nutrients than regular store-bought chocolate bars.

  • It can improve your mood.
  • It can prevent heart disease.
  • It can lower blood pressure.
  • It’s good for your brain.
  • It can have anti-diabetic effects.

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Traditional healers and Tibetan medicine have used Cordyceps for centuries to treat a wide variety of ailments, from the common cold to cancer. In fact, the first people to discover the benefits of cordyceps were local herders who noticed their livestock growing stronger after eating the wild mushrooms. Cordyceps are an athlete’s best friend! Studies show this energy-boosting fungus can improve athletic performance. To top it all off – it’s considered a natural anti-inflammatory – which can help your body fight off injury and infection.

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Lion’s mane is the definition of brain food. From its neuroprotective properties to improving mental health, this functional mushroom is a real brain booster.

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It’s not only super nutritious, but also delicious with its sweet, maple-like taste! Rich in antioxidants, especially flavonoids, which are known for their anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. Lucuma is also high in xanthophylls, the carotenoids that give the superfruit its yellow hue. When it comes to nutrients, lucuma contains vitamin C, zinc, calcium, fiber, potassium and iron. Lucuma powder, is commonly used as a natural sweetener in baked goods, juice and smoothies. One tablespoon of lucuma powder contains 75% less sugar than table sugar.



Why do I need superfoods? 

Superfoods are extremely high in micronutrients like vitamins, minerals, as well as antioxidants, enzymes and health fats. All of these nutrients are essential to your body so you can thrive. By adding superfoods to your diet, you’ll not only improve your health (85% of Your Super customers report feeling better after using the mixes), you’ll also save time and money.


Why do you use plant protein? Plant protein comes from whole foods, which means it’s easier for your body to digest and better for your overall health. Combine two plant protein sources, Your Super plant-based protein powders are complete protein sources (they contain all 9 essential amino acids).


Will this mix make me hallucinate? This mix contains lion’s mane and cordyceps mushrooms, which are legal and safe to consume. They do not contain psilocybin and they will not cause any psychoactive side effects.!

Are your cordyceps vegan-friendly? Like all Your Super mixes, Chocolate Protein is 100% plant-based; Your Super cordyceps aren’t derived from caterpillars.


Add two tablespoons of Chocolate Protein to plant-based milk, smoothies, oatmeal or snacks. For best results, use daily.

  • Try our favorite pre-workout shake: Add 2 tbsp Chocolate Protein to 250ml plant-based milk. Shake or mix well and enjoy!



All Products are: certified organic, non-GMO, vegan, paleo, 100% natural. And: gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, no sweeteners, no fillers, no additives, no preservatives or anything artificial.


Giving back: For every mix sold, Your Super donate one packet of life-saving food to children suffering from severe malnutrition through  partnership with Action Against Hunger. Everyone deserves to be healthy!

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Pea Protein* (Spain), Hemp Protein* (Germany), Cacao* (Peru), Cordyceps* (China), Lion’s Mane* (China), Lucuma* (Peru) *= Organic certified


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