Your Super Bars Pack



Curb your cravings with Chocolate Lover bar, combat stress with Golden Mellow bar, and sneak in a full serving of veggies with Super Green bar. All 3 include a full serving of  Your Super best-selling superfood mixes.

Now you can take the power of superfoods anywhere with Your Super Bars!


Included: 10 Super Green Bars, 10 Golden Mellow Bars, 10 Chocolate Lover Bars &  Digital Recipe E-Book

  • 100% organic and plant based
  • 1 serving of superfoods
  • Each bar is 50g


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Your Super Bars Pack 1


Convenience shouldn’t mean giving up healthy choices.

With ONLY 4 ingredients (count ‘em!), Super Bars are a healthy, clean-eating option for snack time, post-workout fuel, or a quick nutritious breakfast. Made without artificial flavoring, stevia, sugar, or chemicals (plus gluten and soy free), Super Bars make improving your health easy.


Your Super Bars Pack 2

Check out Your Super Super Green Mix here!


Your Super Bars Pack 3

Check out Your Super Mellow Yellow mix here!


Your Super Bars Pack 4

Check out Your Super Chocolate Lover mix here!


Improve your health, even when you’re on-the-go. These powerful nutrition bars are ideal to keep in your handbag, gym bag, or anywhere you need a quick snack. They’re the easiest, quickest, and most delicious way to get a dose of superfood benefits.

Psst… Super Green and Golden Mellow are also 5 Day Detox approved!


Note: Contain Nuts


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