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Superfood Mixes

Skip Synthetic Supplements, Trust Nature

Superfoods are the most nutrient-rich plants from nature that contain vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and enzymes that are beneficial to your health

We stock superfood mixes from Wunder Workshop La Republica and Your Super which have been carefully designed to meet the needs of busy modern life.

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The most common way to use these mixes is in superfood smoothies which are a great way to experiment, combining your chosen powders with your favourite fresh fruit and veg. However, superfood mixes are highly versatile so exploring how they work best for you is a great way to get the most out of their natural goodness.

Whether you are looking to naturally boost your energy levels, a simpler way to start bulking or just a quick way to fill your day with nutrients, find the right superfood mixes for you from our range and start nourishing your body right.

With a number of leading brands to choose from and a wide range of products, Miracle Leaf is the best place to buy superfood powders in the UK. Our products are organic, vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free so you know you’re only putting the best into your body. We offer free shipping on orders over £30 and same-day dispatch on orders placed before 3pm.


What are superfoods?

Superfoods are fruits and vegetables that are particularly high in certain vitamins or minerals that are essential to the body. Though ‘superfood’ isn’t a scientific designation, it helps is identify the foods that are beneficial for particular bodyparts or processes. For example, blueberries have one of the highest natural concentrations of vitamin C, while acai berries have a higher concentration of vitamin A. Each of these vitamins has an important role to play in the immune system and in the production of new cells.

What is the best superfood powder?

The organic superfood powders we stock from Wunder Workshop and Your Super have all been formulated to provide various health benefits, focusing on different mental and physical objectives. As a result, the best superfood powder for you will depend on what your goals are. Whether you’re looking for an organic protein powder to boost your performance at the gym or a green superfood mix filled with veggies to support your digestive health, there is something for everybody in our collection.

​How do you use superfood powder?

Superfood mixes are a highly efficient method of getting all the fantastic health benefits superfoods have to offer as quickly as possible. All our powders can be mixed into smoothies and juices for a breakfast packed with phytonutrients and vital vitamins but their versatility makes it easier to experiment with your favourite mixes! Mix a pinch into your morning latte or combine them with yoghurt for an extra probiotic boost.

Check out our recipes for even more ideas.

When should I take superfood powder?

Our organic superfood mixes are designed to be quick and easy so when you take them is up to you! Whether you fill a morning smoothie bowl with micronutrients or make a pre-workout shake with natural proteins and much-needed amino acids, superfood mixes are an effective snack for any time you need a healthy helping hand.

Can you mix superfood powders?

The ingredients in our superfood mixes were combined to target specific health and wellbeing needs so they’re perfectly suited to be consumed alone. However, their versatility means that you can easily combine them in smoothies and juice to create great-tasting snacks that give you even more of a holistic health benefit.

All-natural, organic superfood powders for fast-paced self-care

The superfood powders we stock have been designed by passionate nutritionists to support the body and mind so whether you need the brainpower boost or a gut health guardian, take a look through our available mixes and start yourself on a path to better physical and mental wellness.