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Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen

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Ingenious Beauty represents a break-through in collagen absorption. Using cutting edge, patented technology, this multi-award winning collagen supplement is proven to replenish the levels of collagen and hyaluronic acid in your body, leading to younger-looking, more radiant skin and healthy body.

Ingenious Beauty – 30 days supply, 90 capsules



Feel Ingenious, the world’s most advanced collagen supplement.

Collagen is the most important protein in our body. It is the foundation of our skin, hair, nails, bones, muscles and other systems, and plays a key role in maintaining their optimum health. Yet, as we age, our collagen stores begin to deplete, leading to physical signs of ageing in how we look and feel.



Marine collagen peptide – 627mg used in Ingenious Beauty is derived from the skins of sustainable wild-caught Tilapia and Pangasius fish.

  • Improve collagen density and structure
  • Enhance skin hydration
  • Improve skin elasticity and smoothness
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Maintain healthy joints
  • Enhance muscle regeneration
  • Promote bone health
  • Relieve joint pain

Hyaluronic Acid Complex (HA) – 200mg like collagen, also exists naturally in the body and our levels also decline as we age so we need to replace HA every day.

  • Enhance collagen synthesis
  • Nourish healthy cell growth
  • Increase hydration and boost elasticity
  • Curb premature wrinkling
  • Keep skin moist and smooth
  • Promote firm skin tone
  • Help recovery from joint pain and stiffness
  • Aid physical function

Natural Astaxanthin- 4mg is nature’s most powerful antioxidant. It has amazing anti-inflammatory properties which help mop up damaging free radicals that attack the body and cause the skin the age.

  • Provide protection from Free Radical and UV damage
  • Reduce oxidative stress and inflammation
  • Shrink wrinkles
  • Make age spots lighter
  • Improve power and performance
  • Protect from eye degeneration
  • Aid muscle recovery and repair
  • Address the loss of muscle mass and function associated with ageing



When you take a normal collagen supplement, your stomach will try to break it down, destroying most of the collagen before your body has a chance to benefit. Knowing this, the scientists at Ingenious spent a decade studying the way collagen works within the body to discover how to create the most effective supplement. They designed an ingenious capsule which protects the collagen as it travels through the body, protecting it inside the stomach and ensuring it reaches the small intestine (the site of maximum absorption) intact. Ingenious patented both the concept of collagen protection and the capsule itself, so they are the only company in the world who possess this unique technology.

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We recommend Ingenious Beauty for men and women over the age of 25 who wish to maintain and replenish their collagen & hyaluronic acid stores. It is also for those who want to decrease the number of free radicals in their bodies. Ingenious Beauty raw materials have halal and kosher certification. It is also suitable for people with shellfish allergies.



We recommend taking three capsules daily. The best time to take them is before bed. While you sleep your body goes into ‘repair mode’ so this is the ideal time for the ingredients to work their magic. The capsules are most effective taken on an empty stomach (or at least an hour after eating). If you prefer not to take all three capsules in the evening, you may split your dose and take one or two in the morning as soon as you wake. The important thing is getting the total of three capsules in during the day.



The bottle can be kept at room temperature. It is airtight and watertight provided the cap is screwed on properly. We recommend keeping it by your bed, so you always remember to take your capsules before going to sleep.



In the UK’s largest and most reliable independent clinical trial of a collagen supplement, (conducted upon 116 women) Ingenious Beauty has been scientifically proven to significantly improve the appearance of skin in 98% of women after 12 weeks and to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by up to 85 per cent in 77 per cent of women. The results of this double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial, undertaken in late 2019, show that supplementation with Ingenious Beauty has benefits in terms of:


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All Ingenious Beauty ingredients are GRAS Certified, which means they are ‘Generally Recognised As Safe’.

You should seek advice from your nutritionist or doctor if you have any concerns. It is not advised to take this supplement if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.


Ingenious Beauty is free from: parabens, sulphates, preservatives, additives, colour, shellfish, gluten, sugar, diary, caffeine, soya, wheat

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