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Your Super Pink Latte Bundle

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Your Super Organic Superfoods formulated by holistic nutritionists.

This bundle includes:

  • Plant Collagen mix
  • Moon Balance mix


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your super PINK LATTE

your super PINK LATTE


This is what Pink Latte dreams are made of thanks to Your Super!

Make creamy pink lattes full of powerful adaptogens, vitamins and Ayurvedic Superfoods. Just stir these powerful superfood mixes into your favourite plant-based milk!


Enjoy Your Super Creamy Superfood Lattes

✓ Natural superfood mixes

✓ 100 % vegan

✓ Skin Foods + Ayurvedic Superfoods

✓ Natural source of essential vitamins & minerals

✓ No sugar, no additives, no fillers – just nature’s best


What’s included in the Pink Latte Bundle? – 2 functional Your Super Superfood  mixes


Plant Collagen mix: Improve your skin from within.

  • This unique beauty mix combines 6 organic superfoods (including powerful tremella mushroom and aloe vera) to protect your natural collagen, replenish your skin, and improve skin elasticity and texture.
  • With powerful Skin Foods such as Aloe Vera and Tocos, naturally rich in Vitamin E
  • Read more here!



Moon Balance mix: Support your female hormones with Your Super.

  • Hormones influence your mood, quality of sleep, ability to focus, skin & hair health, weight, and cognitive function. Simply put, they’re essential for your health. Using 6 powerful, superfood ingredients, this female-focused blend helps to naturally balance hormones and reduce symptoms of PMS and menopause.
  • With Ayurvedic superfoods and beetroot, rich in Vitamin C
  • Read more here!



your super PINK LATTE


Have you tried the superfood version of a pink latte, moon milk? This plant-based, wellness tonic is loaded with health benefits. The pretty pink beverage taking over your Instagram feed? (And for good reason!) This trendy pink latte is more than just a colourful concoction…it’s actually good for you. Here’s how to make it… here!


your super PINK LATTEyour super PINK LATTE

Latte Mugs available here!


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