Stress & Anxiety

CBD can help to ease both mind and body, creating a sense of balance that is often disrupted by the long-term effects of stress. Relax and de-stress with Miracle Leaf. Earn Miracle Points with every purchase, and enjoy free delivery on all orders over £50.

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CBD for Sleep 


When we’re feeling stressed, we can often struggle to get a good night’s sleep. Not only can we be kept awake by worrying thoughts, but physical signs of stress can prevent us from resting.


Many people use bedtime rituals to ease the mind into a state of relaxation. For instance, a soothing evening bath, breathing exercises or meditation can help us decompress and unwind after a stressful day.


These rituals can be enhanced with our Foria Wellness CBD Oil or ZenBears vegan CBD gummies. Why not try Your super Magic mushroom superfood mix before bed, this hot chocolate with benefits can take all your stress away and wake up feeling refreshed and restored.


Essential oils

Wellness routines such as yoga and meditation can calm distracting thoughts, helping us feel more grounded and centred. However, when we are stressed we can sometimes be presented with mental blocks. These prove problematic when engaging in wellness rituals.


Plant Therapy Essential oils can help to calm our minds, helping us to enter a more relaxed and focused state. By easily falling into the rhythms of a light workout or the breathing exercises associated with yoga or meditation, we can get the most out of these routines’ uplifting effects.