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Plant Therapy Lavender Essential oil

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Plant Therapy Lavender Essential oil promotes calm, relaxation and reduces nervous tension. Can help to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections, such as fine lines and dark spots and promotes healing of minor skin wounds, such as bug bites, minor burns and scrapes


  • Aromatic Scent: Sweet, dry, herbaceous-floral scent

  • Size: 10ml


Lavender or Lavandula Angustifolia, is a full-bodied steam-distilled oil from the flowering tops of the Lavender plant. Lavender is perhaps the most well-known of the essential oils and for good reason.


The smell of Lavender alone can help produce a calm, peaceful tranquil environment. Diffuse Lavender essential oil into the air before bedtime to promote peaceful sleep, or add Lavender to your favorite lotion or carrier oil to soothe the skin, and help unwind your senses. Once you try Lavender essential oil you’ll see exactly why it’s a favorite for essential oil lovers!


Lavender supports mental well being

Troubling thoughts and feelings can plague us all one time or another, and Lavender is a wonderful choice when we need to calm our mind down. It is known to have an immediate calming effect when inhaled or applied topically; dilute to 2-5% with your favourite carrier oil and massage onto your feet, temples, wrists, or hands to help settle a nervous or overactive mind that is causing you distress.

Negative feelings that stem from anxiety or depression can take a serious toll on your day to day well being, so let Lavender help support your mental health.


Lavender can also help improve sleep quality

In need of some quality sleep? Lavender has a well-known reputation to promote a good night of sleep. Its relaxing properties are perfect for helping to reduce feelings of stress after a long day and help you drift into dreamland..

Diffusing Lavender in your bedroom for about 30 minutes is a great way to incorporate Lavender into your nighttime routine. Or, simply add a few drops to a cotton ball and place near your pillow. Either way, arming your bedside table with Lavender is a great idea for a good night’s sleep!


It is a natural air freshener

Is your house not smelling as fresh as you want it to be? Lavender is a fantastic way to freshen up even the stinkiest of places. Diffuse to help obliterate the stink of a stale room, or add a few drops to a cotton ball and place where stinky smells may linger.

Think – a musty closet, under the kitchen sink, a gym bag – you name it! Lavender’s air purifying properties also make this a great choice if you have a case of the “ickies” going around the house and want to freshen up the air.


It can even help alleviate pain

Close your eyes, take a breath, and think: is something causing you pain right now? If you have a human body, then your answer is likely a resounding “yes!” Whether it’s a scrape that stings, sore muscles or joints that have been overworked, a fresh bruise, or an unsightly zit  trying to make its home on your sensitive skin, chances are there is something causing you discomfort.

While we can’t all live pain-free all the time, we can use Lavender to help lessen our perception of the pain and, as a result, feel more comfortable. Lavender’s pain-relieving properties have been widely studied, and results from these studies tell us that topically applying Lavender is an amazing way to soothe the pain – just don’t forget to dilute to 2-5%!


It’s great for headache relief

Headaches are a great way to ruin, well, everything. No matter what you’re up to, a throbbing head makes every task a little more unpleasant. Thankfully, with its calming and sedative effects, Lavender can provide wonderful relief if you are experiencing head and neck tension.

It is also known to reduce stress and helps relieve feelings of restlessness, which are often contributors to a headache. One placebo-controlled clinical trial found that a majority of participants responded positively to inhaling Lavender when in the midst of a headache, and it was also found to help soothe and lessen the more severe migraine headache symptoms.


Lavender can help soothe minor burns

Burns are a bummer; whether you accidently touched that hot pan on the stove, stayed out in the sun a little too long, or got a little overzealous with your crafting and didn’t handle that hot glue gun carefully enough, burns happen.

To decrease the pain, swelling, redness, and other minor burn symptoms, Lavender is the perfect oil to reach for. Its cooling relief will be immediate and will help support the healing process. Dilute it, or reach for your Lavender Organic Hydrosol, and apply topically to the burn for relief.


Lavender helps promote healthy skin

Lavender is such a soothing and gentle essential oil, it’s no wonder that it’s a skincare favorite. It is an especially good option for skin allergies as it can calm irritation, with research indicating that it can speed up the healing process. Additionally, a study conducted by the Howard University College of Medicine, Washington, DC, found that this oil was one of the few potent essential oils that can inhibit the growth of skin bacteria.



Diffuse 30-60 minutes before bedtime to promote calm and relaxation.

For Topical use, diluted to 2-5% with the carrier of your choice and apply to the skin.

Lavender blends well with many other essential oils, including Bergamot, Neroli, Patchouli, Rose Absolute, and Sandalwood, making it a wonderful addition to products such as lotions and bath bombs.


Plant Therapy is passionate about quality and safety. They test every single batch of oils for in-depth information on each chemical constituent with GC-MS testing, and evaluate each oil’s color, consistency, and general appearance to give you the most accurate information possible.


THIRD-PARTY TESTING – All Plant Therapy essential oils go through rigorous independent third-party testing. These GC-MS test reports, which provide in-depth information on the chemical constituents in each oil, can be found on Plant Therapy website. They show you exactly what’s in the oils you buy.


GMP CERTIFICATION – Plant Therapy has been awarded the certificate of compliance by the Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) under ISO 22716. In other words, everything from ingredients to the production process to packaging and labeling meets the highest standards.


Keep out of reach of children. If under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. External use only. 
Cats parents please read more here!


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Is this safe for pets?

Lavender is pet safe.

Is this safe for kids?

Yes it is

Can I apply lavender oil directly to the skin?

We do not recommend any essential oils be applied directly to the skin undiluted.

Can this be used on the face for dark spots?

Yes, though for facial applications we recommend diluting to 1%.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils capture the “essence” of a plant through distillation or mechanical pressing. Essentially, these oils are concentrated extracts that retain, or magnify the fragrance and effect of their source. Oils from different plants or different parts of the same plant can have very different chemical compositions, which changes the smell, absorption, and effect on the body and mind.

How do I use all essential oils?

While it might seem like there are endless ways to use essential oils, it really boils down to two methods: inhalation and topical application. One of the easiest ways to inhale your essential oils is with a diffuser. It sends your essential oils into the air, allowing you to enjoy the gentle aroma and therapeutic benefits. Essential oils can also be used on the skin, as long as they’re properly diluted in a carrier or lotion first. They can help with a variety of skin issues and even muscle or joint pain.

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