We offer a wide range of CBD intimacy products, like CBD lube, CBD melts, CBD arousal oil or sensual massage oil products for sex and intimacy. You will experience enhanced sensations, reduced inhibition, and increased pleasure with our products. Find the best product for you from Foria Wellness and Kush Queen brand.

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How is CBD used for increasing intimacy, arousal & sex?

Our express mission is to enhance pleasure and arousal through CBD products for sex and intimacy. Because the active ingredient CBD ( cannabidiol) does so much more than relieve pain, it may also offer a wealth of benefits including relaxation as well as significant reductions in anxiety. Since CBD products enable and empower a more enjoyable sexual experience, they have grown exponentially in popularity.


Sexual Benefits of CBD

When you choose the right CBD product, you can benefit from a wide range of benefits regarding your sexual or intimate life. In addition to the differences between each product, all of our CBD intimacy products have a few commonalities:


Anxiety reduction – Studies have shown that CBD could hugely reduce issues surrounding anxiety. CBD’s ability to potentially remove intrusive and inhibiting thoughts allows you to live in the moment and appreciate your sexual activities with your partner.


Pain Relief – Pain during sex is a common occurrence, especially for women. CDB lube has been known to improve a woman’s discomfort and allow them to enjoy the moment more.


Improves Relaxation – As CBD reduces stiffness and soreness, it offers clear advantages when used intimately. There is no doubt that CBD lube or CBD arousal oil and massage oils are among the more popular options within this category due to the fact that both contribute to a more calming and enjoyable experience.