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Miracle Golf Bundle

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Miracle Golf Bundle will help prepare you to achieve the maximum out of your golf game.


Better sleep before early tee times, emotional regulation to stay calm in the face of adversity, optimising focus when heading to a play in a competition and eliminating nagging injuries, aches and pains. These are all optimal scenarios that players want to achieve, and if it’s legal to do so


This Miracle Golf Bundle includes:

  • Nuleaf Naturals Full spectrum CBC oil – 15ml to help with focus and relief pain
  • ZenBears CBD gummy bear pouch – “grab and go” to help you calm and relax
  • Plant Therapy Sleep Aid  Essential oil blend – to help you with good sleep
  • VICI Wellness Wake Up call, 6 patches – to help with focus
  • FREE 3 Titleist Velocity Golf Ball – more information below


Energy Boost

We’ve all been there: the tee time is reserved, it’s a beautiful day, and everyone is ready to play…except you. Finding the energy to play a round of golf can be hard with all of the stresses of everyday life. CBD gummies may give you the boost that you need to get back on the links.

According to a 2014 article in Current Neuropharmacology, CBD may be a “wake-promoting agent.” The study’s authors found that CBD activated neurons, leading to an enhancement in levels of dopamine (the “feel good” hormone) as well as an overall increase in wakefulness. In this way, CBD can help you find the energy and motivation to play, even when you are dragging.


Keeping muscles & joints comfortable 

A golfer’s body is engaged from head to toe during each and every golf swing. It is common for golfers to have back, knee, wrist, and even shoulder injuries due to the rotational nature of the golf swing

It is important for golfers to ensure their muscles are strong and flexible to avoid injury and to be able to play their best game. When muscles are tight and the joints are not healthy, the golfer can be injured.

Reducing inflammation, exercising and stretching major muscle groups, physical therapy, and massage may help prevent injury and support golfers.

Use Full spectrum, organic CBC oil to relieve pain, whether it’s an aching shoulder, a bum knee, or another issue. CBC has been shown to reduce both pain and inflammation, as well as assist with pain management, by affecting the activity of receptors within the Endocannabinoid system (ECS). Remember that the ECS is activated when the body is out of balance in some way (such as an injury). Adding CBC to your daily routine can help the ECS restore balance in your body. Read more about Nuleaf Naturals CBC oil here!


Calm Anxiety

Whether you are the next Tiger Woods or it’s your first time on the course, everyone experiences anxiety and nerves. Many golfers experience a jittery feeling when they tee up, nervous about the prospect of hitting in front of others. CBD can be helpful in promoting calm, as well as reducing any anxiety that may accompany even a friendly round of golf.






Every component of the new Titleist Velocity golf ball has been engineered for maximum velocity, including new aerodynamic and core technologies that deliver the longest, best performing Velocity yet:


PLAYER BENEFITS: Longer Distance, Extremely Low Long Game Spin, High Flight on all Shots, Playable Short Game Feel



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