CBD Topicals

Soothe sore muscles, hydrate the skin and target areas of pain and discomfort with Miracle Leaf’s range of CBD topicals. Easy to use, easy to apply, ease into CBD balms, lotions and CBD suppositories. Designed and made especially for the skin CBD topicals allow for maximum absorption when applied directly onto problem areas. Working through the surface of your skin, CBD topicals enhance muscle soothing in a very targeted way. Explore all-natural and organic CBD plant-based support for menstrual cramps, joint pains and chronic discomfort. Earn Miracle Leaf Points with every purchase, and enjoy free delivery on all orders over £50.

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CBD Topical Benefits

CBD topicals can be in the form of balms, lotions, bath bombs, salve and so much more, topical just refers to the fact that they are directly applied to the skin. 

Reduce Joint & Muscle Pain with CBD Topicals

The benefits of CBD are highly discussed, for example, topical use of CBD products and CBD muscle balms may help reduce chronic pain in joints and muscles. Lots of our customers use CBD topicals to help with arthritis too. And with more and more testing we are starting to understand the benefits of CBD muscle balms – scientifically in a research-backed sense. A 2015 study discovered that CBD applied to the skin significantly lowered joint swelling.


Full-spectrum CBD topicals like NuLeaf Hemp Balm are made with just two ingredients: shea butter and full-spectrum CBD. Reported NuLeaf Hemp Balm benefits include: reduced localised pain and inflammation.

CBD Topicals & Skin Health

CBD topicals such as CBD balms, lotion and oils could also prove helpful in promoting skin health, and helping combat conditions such as dry skin, acne, eczema and psoriasis. With the potential for supporting skin health with natural anti-inflammatory properties (American Academy of Dermatology) CBD balms and oils may help soothe and moisturise cracked, dry or broken skin promoting healing and healthy skin.


Ease Menstrual Pain and Cramps with CBD Topicals

Ease your menstrual cramps, muscles and joints, naturally with Foria Wellness CBD salve uniting powerful active ingredients and plant remedies like peppermint oil for topical relief and healing. Absorbed fast, to help quickly soothe menstrual discomfort, sore muscles and joints to find all-natural relief.


Find relief from pelvic and menstrual discomfort with Foria CBD suppositories, designed for vaginal and anal use. These small, easy-to-insert suppositories melt and absorb to target discomfort associated with menstrual cycles & pelvic floor conditions, so you finally find all-natural relief.


Buy Quality UK CBD Topicals from Miracle Leaf

Natural ingredients mean natural products, here at Miracle Leaf, we’re proud to stock CBD products that do good for your body and for your wellness journey. There’s no space for unnecessary additional ingredients and fillers here, we’re always on the lookout for quality products packed with organic ingredients and we love sharing these with you.


Shop now for free and fast delivery for orders over £50, placed before 3 pm for same-day dispatch too. For any more information on us or to hear more about our products speak to us today! We’d love to hear from you.


CBD topicals can be used to help manage muscle or joint pain and even skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Balms can also be applied to help soothe menstrual discomfort.

Experience localised benefits of CBD topicals such as relieving painful joints, muscles and menstrual cramps in around 15-20 minutes, if not faster. You could also end up feeling the benefits of the topical for up to 6 hours. Remember we're all different and things can work differently between individuals.

There are a large variety of ways to buy and use CBD, one of these is in the form of a CBD topical. CBD topicals usually refer to balms, salves and lotions that you would use topically, applied directly to the skin. A direct targeted application of CBD to the skin means that the benefits of CBD work through the surface of your skin to soothe and provide pain relief. While CBD oils and CBD edibles interact with your body internally, a CBD topical balm or oil works on the skin's surface to enhance a muscle-soothing massage. The rich texture of the topicals makes it easier for fingertips to glide over skin and eke out tension, whether you're rubbing it into a sore neck, injured knee or achy shoulders. The application method means CBD balms are designed to be applied in a very targeted way. It's important to note that – unlike tinctures and edibles – CBD topicals won't enter your bloodstream. This means you don't need to manage your dosage as you do with CBD gummies or CBD oil.