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King Klean Natural Dog Shampoo

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King Klean by King Kanine has created the perfect all natural shampoo for dogs.

  • Bottle Size: 450ml
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Once your try King Klean deshedding shampoo, we are sure you will never want to use another canine shampoo again.


Bath time is an important part of your dog’s routine, from summer grooming to seasonal skin care. Whether you have an active puddle jumper who needs a bath on most days, or a more relaxed pooch who only needs a bath every once in a while, King Klean shampoo turns an average bath into a soothing spa experience for your pet.


King Klean deshedding pet shampoo is VOF (Vermont Organic Farmers) certified organic specially formulated for dogs with only six ingredients:


Olive oil – is another natural cleanser in this Pretty Pup CBD shampoo. It carefully removes dirt and debris without interrupting the natural oils on your dog’s skin and in their coat. It also creates a moisture barrier that helps your pet’s skin stay healthy between baths.

Aloe Vera –  has long been known as a natural healer – good for skin and fur. Aloe is used to treat a variety of skin conditions – flaky or dry skin, burns, minor skin infections and more. It acts as a natural conditioner to make the fur look shinier, glossier, and healthier.

Jojoba Oil – A great cleanser and an excellent moisturiser. Jojoba also contains fatty acids that help to rejuvenate and restore dry skin.

Lemongrass – A natural cleanser, known to revitalise the mind and soul while providing antibacterial, anti-fungal and pest deterrent properties.

Coconut Oil –  Extremely hydrating, a great moisturiser that helps to provide a protective layer, retaining moisture in the skin while allowing the skin to breathe. As a mild oil, it is very good for inflamed or irritated skin, and on dogs with skin sensitivities.

Rosemary Essential Oil – Beneficial herb which has anti-inflammatory properties to improve circulation, treat dry skin, boost healing, increase the hair/fur’s natural shine and hydrated appearance, and improve the quality of the skin.


This delicate formula was created to rinse off easily and will leave your dog not only smelling amazing but super soft.  Hypo allergenic, eco-friendly, safe and non-toxic.  Organic to USDA standards.


All dogs shed year round very much like we do. Hair is constantly falling out and re-growing. The shedding phase is when hair falls out and is replaced by new hair. However, when we think about shedding we are really thinking about seasonal shedding.

Seasonal shedding typically happens twice a year. The first is when the weather becomes warmer and the undercoat falls out. This is the dreaded season when there are clumps of fur around your house, and if you have a Husky, you can easily pluck large tuffs off of your dog. The second is when the weather becomes cooler and the top coat falls out to make room for the fresh undercoat.

However, because most dogs live indoors and are exposed to interior lighting and artificial temperatures, the shedding cycle gets disrupted and can take place year round. This is what throws most people off. They can’t understand why their Labrador is shedding in February, but if you have your heat set to 75 degrees, their body probably thinks summer is around the corner!


What is De-shedding?

De-shedding is the physical removal of a dog’s loose undercoat. The idea is to remove the hair before it lands on your furniture and clothes, but it also makes your dog more comfortable. Groomers use multiple tools and methods to de-shed dogs depending on their coat type.

Unfortunately, while de-shedding is beneficial and significantly reduces the amount of hair on your dog, it doesn’t stop the shedding process. Many owners are miffed when their dog keeps shedding after a de-shedding.


Brushing your dog’s fur manages their top coat and removes dander and debris. While brushing your dog is vital to their health, it does not do the same job as de-shedding. De-shedding is to go in and remove the loose undercoat that dogs eventually lose naturally, whether all over your couch or in your backyard. If you want to de-shed your dog at home, you need to find brushes designed to get to the undercoat.


Try King Komb deshedding tool, available in two sizes for your dog or cat. Shop here!

Take a look at King Kalm CBD Oil for Pets here!



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