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Is CBD oil good for sex?

Is CBD oil good for sex?

Is CBD oil good for sex?

CBD has become a worldwide phenomenon in recent years, claiming to have helped those with physical pain, stress relief, and aiding a restful nights sleep. Research is ongoing however with CBD helping in many aspects of our physical and mental health, who’s to say it can’t help in the bedroom too? We’ll touch on the sexual benefits of mixing CBD and sex, how to do this and our favourite CBD-infused lubricants to help this get going.


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CBD and sex, the science, the research

You might consider the use of CBD for sex for a number of reasons. Whether you’re trying to curb intimacy pain or inflammation, lubricate, ease anxiety in the bedroom, increase sexual pleasure or just get that bedroom vibe going, we’ll explore ways in which CBD could help and why.


For those who have trouble slipping into a sensual mood, research has shown that CBD could be an easy way to ease into a nice calm state of mind in the bedroom. Leaving high stress levels and any anxiety outside the (firmly closed) bedroom door, because no one wants that! If you find yourself over analysing, overstressing and unable to enjoy a sexual bedroom experience CBD could help you to relax, reducing negative thoughts or concerns so you can stay present and enjoy the moment. The science: CBD could enhance mood, helping increase endorphins and one of the body’s natural neurotransmitters called anandamide known for producing feelings of happiness and well-being.

Using CBD for Sexual Pain & Inflammation


Although research is limited and often perceptions are conflicting regarding sex and CBD, we do know many people have experienced relief in sexual pain when using CBD.


So many women suffer from discomfort and pain during sex, men too! A 2019 study of 500 adults concluded that 98% of participants agreed CBD had helped pain levels offering ease and comfort. 

There are so many ways of experimenting with CBD-related products, however Foria, a CBD sexual wellness brand has developed lubricants like, intimacy oils and arousal oils as well as suppositories to enhance the sexual experience in addition to easing tension.


How? Well, we do know CBD is well acknowledged for its anti-inflammatory properties, assisting muscle relaxation and alleviating pain. CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) helping manage pain and inflammation through the release of inflammatory molecules.

Mastering libido and sex drive with CBD


CBD oil and sex drive could theoretically go hand in hand, the possible calming effects of CBD on the mind could help boost sexual health by relaxing you and your body in preparation for bedroom time. Ladies, stress has detrimental effects on sex drive. High levels of stress mean you’re likely producing a hella lot of cortisol (stress hormone) which is a huge hindrance to your sex drive and libido. It’s unlikely you’re going to enjoy a sexual experience if you’re stressed out. So, why not zen out before jumping in bed?


However, boys! We’re still unsure about how CBD affects men’s sex drive with not enough conclusive research into THC and CBD and its effects on the male libido. Many have claimed from use and experience that CBD has helped with things like erectile dysfunction in men, increasing sex drive and improving female lubrication.

How to use CBD oil for sex: Up your sex game

When using CBD oil it’s always a good idea to use it around 30 minutes before you want to feel the desired effects. Of course, sex isn’t something that’s always scheduled however if you know you’re planning a romantic evening with a loved one, use CBD sublingually (under the tongue), holding it under the tongue for up to 30 seconds for maximum effect, this way the CBD will enter your bloodstream quickly.


And for in-the-bedroom arousal, Foria’s CBD arousal oil, Foria Awaken helps awaken and intensify sexual pleasure for females, heightening your sexual arousal and libido with CBD. Used topically, you guessed it down there for fast absorption and effect, stimulating blood flow and arousal, great sex never felt so good. You’re welcome.


For more information on Foria and using CBD-infused sexual arousal products to stimulate pleasure behind closed doors, check out the Foria range here.

So, is CBD oil good for sex?


I mean it’s absolutely worth a try. There’s no hardcore evidence to suggest it does help with sexual performance and sexual dysfunction, however, CBD could help indirectly with sexual performance anxiety, but then again everyone’s body is different and we need different stimuli. What we do know is CBD can help us relax and unwind and if that’s what we need for a good time in bed, we’re all for it.


One thing we can tell you is that you should absolutely start your sexual wellness journey with Foria Wellness choosing products like Foria Intimacy Sex Oil essentially a CBD personal lubricant for lube-like benefits with the added pleasure of CBD. Foria’s CBD lube is designed to make sexual activity more comfortable while enhancing arousal too by relaxing you, reducing anxiety levels, easing muscle tension and supporting comfort.

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