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The Entourage Effect Explained

The Entourage Effect Explained

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What is Entourage Effect

In this article, we will take a closer look at the entourage effect, the research behind the entourage effect, how cannabis interacts with the body, the differences between broad spectrum & full spectrum CBD and so much more.


If you’ve researched CBD and its benefits, you’ve likely come across the term “entourage effect.”

To understand the entourage effect, let’s picture an orchestra. In an orchestra, each instrument harmonises to create a riveting symphony. That’s precisely what the entourage effect is – but in the realm of CBD.



The entourage effect is one of the most interesting theories surrounding cannabis products. 

This theory suggests that the magic lies in the synergy of cannabis compounds. Cannabis isn’t just about tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). It’s an ensemble of over a hundred compounds, including phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

When they all play together, they create a symphony far greater than the sum of its parts.


In the world of CBD, the entourage effect is each compound enhancing the impact of the others. It’s like when you blend different spices to make a meal: individually, they’re good, but together, they create a flavour explosion.


This theory is why many believe in the superiority of full-spectrum CBD products, with all the natural compounds preserved.

miracle leaf cbd blog


How Cannabis Compounds Interact with the Body

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a sophisticated network in the human body of cannabinoid receptors and binders. Here, cannabinoids like CBD and THC engage and interact, creating beneficial effects.


This interaction isn’t solo, though. With the entourage effect, each compound interacts with the others and enhances the overall performance.


This collective synergy is central to the entourage effect, orchestrating the full benefits of the cannabis plant. It’s a complex yet captivating interplay integral to our understanding of cannabis and its potential.


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The Research Behind The Entourage Effect

While THC is perhaps the most notorious cannabinoid in pop culture, there are many other such compounds produced by the cannabis plant, the importance of which we are only just beginning to understand.


The first discovery of a cannabinoid, cannabinol (CBN), was made by British chemist Robert S. Cahn in 1940. But it wasn’t until 1942 that American chemist Roger Adams discovered cannabidiol (CBD), recently the subject of much attention due to its purported anxiety relieving effects. Perhaps surprisingly, however, at least 113 cannabinoids have been identified to date, with many more likely to be discovered.


The entourage effect is a cannabis theory that was first introduced in 1998 by Professor Shimon Ben-Shabat and Professor Raphael Mechoulam, two very well-respected cannabis researchers. The whole idea of the concept is that a combination of multiple cannabinoids provides more enhanced health benefits than any one single cannabis compound can on its own.


How Terpenes & Phytocannabinoids Work Together

A 2011 study in concurrence with the Entourage Effect found that taking both cannabis terpenes and phytocannabinoids together can offer a huge amount of health benefits for individuals who suffer from different health problems such as chronic pain, stress & anxiety, intense inflammation, epilepsy, cancers and many more.


The study also suggests that the health benefits that support these side effects are enhanced when compared with the health benefits an individual will get from a single cannabis compound. While more research is still needed, these results are extremely positive and fully supportive of the entourage effect.


Full Spectrum Vs Broad Spectrum CBD: Which Is Best?

There are two different types of CBD products that you will find, these are full-spectrum CBD and Broad spectrum CBD. But what are the differences between the two?



The difference between the two is that full-spectrum CBD extracts feature traces of THC whereas broad-spectrum CBD features zero THC. While the full-spectrum cannabis extract features minimal traces of THC, it does not feature enough to cause any brain-altering ‘Highs’.


According to the entourage effect theory, the addition of THC and other cannabinoids in these full-spectrum CBD products could potentially help further enhance the health benefits of isolated CBD. Therefore full-spectrum CBD allows you to experience much broader CBD effects including the calming benefits of THC.


Every person’s Endocannabinoid system is unique and each person will have different requirements. Consistency Is Key.

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