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Vegums are a carefully selected blend of minerals and vitamins, ideal for those on a plant based diet, but suitable for all! Includes the very important B12, Iodine and D2, especially ideal for vegans.

  • Formulated by vegan pharmacists
  • Certified Vegan, Cruelty free
  • Each refillable tube contains 4 biodegradable cellulose bags of 30 gummies





Getting your daily dose of vitamins and minerals through diet alone can be extremely difficult, especially for a vegan or plant-based diet. This is why Vegums complete range of vitamins is the perfect solution to top you up with essential nutrients while respecting the planet.

Vegums multivitamin contains vitamins B12, B6 and D3 plus folic acid, selenium and iodine – providing everything you need and nothing you don’t.


Nutritional info

Using only naturally-derived flavours and colours, Vegums Vegan Mulitivitamin keeps you topped up on:

  • Selenium is a powerful antioxidant, which protects the cells in our body from damage. Usually a handful of brazil nuts will give you your daily intake. However if you’re plant-based and don’t fancy gobbling nuts then supplements can be a great source, to make sure you’re topped up. Selenium also plays a vital role in maintaining our immune system. Even a mild deficiency can result in muscle weakness, hair loss and a weakened immune system.  33% of the general population fall short of recommended intakes of selenium. Which is generally only found in meat, fish and Brazil nuts.


  • Vitamin B12 – If you have decided to eat plants alone it is important to supplement vitamin B12. Even people who eat meat and dairy may need to supplement B12 by the age of 50 due to a decreased absorption rate. Our bodies are typically poor at absorbing it! The body utilises B12 to make new red blood cells, which carry oxygen in the blood. It is also essential for normal health, as well as development and functioning of the brain and nervous system. Deficiency in B12 may lead to clinical symptoms such as anaemia and nerve cell damage. Early signs of B12 deficiency include tiredness, shortness of breath, problems with concentration and numbness/tingling of the hands and feet.


  • Iodine – Consistent intake of iodine is essential for thyroid health, which controls metabolic rate. Deficiencies can easily result in fatigue, hair loss, reduced metabolic rate and weight gain. 8% of the UK general population fall short of recommended intakes of iodine. Plants do not utilise iodine for growth, and therefore these nutrients are generally only found in dairy products and fish. Although some table salt contains iodine there are risks associated with high salt content. You’d have to consume 1/4 TSP of salt for just 50% of your nutrient reference value. Whereas you could take two of delicious strawberry flavoured multivitamin gummy bears and receive your daily dose.


  • Vitamin D3 helps to regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate absorbed into the body, which are vital in developing and maintaining bone, teeth and muscular health. A deficiency of vitamin D can lead to bone deformities such as rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults. Although vitamin D can be found in fortified foods such as some cereals and fat spreads, it is generally only found in meat, fish, dairy products and eggs. It is therefore recommended that those following a plant-based diet should supplement it with at least 10mcg of vitamin D daily. Studies have shown that people with clinical depression often have vitamin D deficiencies. However, it’s not clear whether the deficiency contributes to depression or depression changes behavior (e.g., diet, time outside) and therefore causes the deficiency.


  • Folic acid also called Folate is a B vitamin. B vitamin is normally found in a variety of food, including lentils, liver, broccoli and spinach. Folic Acid  has many benefits including supporting normal blood formation, function of the immune system, reduction of tiredness and fatigue and may support cell division. Pregnant women in particular need a good supply of folic acid because it is used by the developing baby. It has been shown that taking folic acid supplements decreases the chance of spina bifida and other neural tube defects in the baby. The very early stages of pregnancy are crucial in the need for folic acid and this is why folic acid supplements are recommended for women planning a pregnancy.


  • Vitamin B6 also known as pyridoxine, is one of the family of eight B vitamins that our bodies need to stay healthy. It is water soluble, which means that it can’t be stored in our bodies, so we need to get enough in our diets every day. Vitamin B6 is needed for: the brain and nervous system, cell reproduction, normal immune function, healthy skin, releasing energy from your food, haemoglobin for red blood cells, regulating hormones, helping to reduce tiredness and fatigue


No nasties

Vegums multivitamin gummies have the natural sweetness of real strawberries and a pinch of unrefined cane sugar — just a sixth of a teaspoon per portion. Black carrot extract gives them their juicy red colour.


Certified Vegan

Vegams products are certified vegan by The Vegan Society. Theyuse only plant derived pectin as a gelling agent and our cane sugar is unrefined, making it easy for people to switch to a Vegan diet whilst staying healthy.


For all the family

Vegums Vegan Multivitamin gummies has been specifically developed to be enjoyed by the whole family.

1 x Vegum Gummy per day for children 3+
2 x Vegum Gummy per day for an adult 12+


100% plastic free and recyclable

From  compostable cellulose wrappers, to  recyclable tins and tubes, they are leading the way for a plastic-free future with 100% recyclable and plastic free packaging.




Vegums are big advocates for reusing.

Look at these gorgeous green herbs sprouting out of Vegums tubes. Reusing is better than recycling because it saves energy! It also significantly reduces waste and pollution. If you don’t fancy reusing those tubes though, you can pop them in your compost along with cellulose veg starch bags. Zero-waste, zero worries







May contain traces of nuts and sesame seeds

Additional information


Corn Malt Syrup, Sugar, Glucose, Gelling Agent (Pectins), Acidity Regulators (Citric Acid, Sodium Citrates), Flavouring, Coconut Oil, Vitamin D, Black Carrot Concentrate, Sodium Selenite (Selenium Oxide, Sodium Hydroxide), Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Potassium Iodide (Iodide, Potassium Hydroxide).

May contain traces of nuts and sesame seeds


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