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Tierliebhaber Pet Dental Spray

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Tierliebhaber Dental Spray for dogs and cats is 100% natural – effectively removes plaque and prevents additional plaque. Special dental herbal blend neutralizes mouth odor and freshens breath in a flash.

  • Size: 150ml


tierliebehaber dental spray


Tierliebhaber Mission

“At Tierliebhaber we want to improve animals life by selling healthy and natural products. It all began with a specific need for a dental dog care. Since then my team and I have been developing products that can help to reduce tartar and bad breath – Josefine Schmidt (Founder Tierliebhaber)”




How Dental Spray works:

The anti-plaque formula of natural micro-organisms, calcium, and herbs was developed with veterinary practitioners and certified dental hygienists. The dental spray dissolves existing tartar and effectively removes it. At the same time, the herbal mixture cares for the gums and prevents new plaque build-up. In this way, the spray combines both natural dental care with dental prophylaxis.

  • Removes plaque with 100% natural formula
  • Neutralises bad breath
  • Quick & easy to use

tierliebhaber dental spray



Directions for use: Spray daily into the mouth of your dog or cat in the morning and  evening. Alternatively, spray directly onto your pet’s food or a treat.

Recommended daily dose:

  • for cats and small dogs – 2 pumps,
  • medium dogs – 4 pumps,
  • large  dogs – 6 pumps.   


Storage instructions: Protect from direct sunlight and frost, store in a cool, dry place. Shake  well before use. 


What others customers says:

“My beagle lady loves it. We’re putting 2 to 3 sprays in her food daily… could smell first improvements on her breath after a couple of days already. So happy i found it!” – B.S.


“We used to brush her teeth (at least twice a week) which was super inconvenient for her. We are applying the dental spray for one week now – good results seen so far.”  – Antonia H


“We are totally happy with the results. It did whiten his teeth. Bad breath became better too!! – Jaden”

Additional information


Spring water, minerals (sea salt and liquid calcium), fermented herbs (including basil, blackberry leaves, Roman chamomile, lovage, shepherd's purse, ribwort, marigold, raspberry leaves, rosemary, sage, willowherb, yarrow, lungwort, lady’s finger, lady's mantle, dead nettle, nettle, thyme), molasses.

Nutritional breakdown: Protein 0.2%, Fat 0%, Fiber 0.2%, ash 0%, moisture 99%.


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Is the smell of the dental spray normal?

Don't be surprised - the dental spray does smell a little strange. But the unique smell of the dental spray is quite normal, and it's actually quite important. It is the fermented herbal mixture and the natural microorganisms within it that cause the smell, and these microorganisms are what make the spray so effective.

How long does a bottle of dental spray last?

The dental spray can deliver up to 500 sprays per bottle. We recommend a daily dose of 2-6 sprays, depending on the size of your dog. You can also use the dental spray for your puppy, which will help prevent the build-up of bacteria in their teeth.

Is the dental spray also suitable for cats?

Yes, the dental spray is also great for cats. Your cat should get one spray in the morning and one in the evening, and you can spray it directly into their mouth or onto their food.

What is the second spray attachment for?

We will deliver the dental spray with two different attachments - a spray head and a pump head. Both are equally suitable. All you have to do is decide which attachment is best for you and your dog or cat. If your dog or cat suffers from allergies or has any intolerances, please check the ingredients list on the back of the spray before using it to ensure that it is suitable for them. Good news! The spray doesn't contain any animal products and is ideal for most dogs and cats, even those with allergies, not least because it is made of all-natural ingredients.

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