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Tierliebhaber Dog Chillout Sticks

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Tierliebhaber Chillout Sticks can provide great support for any situations in which your dog might be stressed. Examples include New Year’s Eve, car rides, vet visits, moving, losses, animal welfare, training and many more.

  • Size: 350g (14 sticks)
  • This products does NOT contain CBD



tierliebhaber chillout sticks

The Tierliebhaber Mission

“At Tierliebhaber we want to improve animals life by selling healthy and natural products. It all began with a specific need for a dental dog care. Since then my team and I have been developing products that can help to reduce tartar and bad breath – Josefine Schmidt (Founder Tierliebhaber)”




Tierliebhaber Chillout Sticks are 100% natural and ensures that your dog calms down quickly in stressful situations and is no longer afraid. As this product only uses herbal ingredients such as valerian root and St. John’s wort, the sticks have a particularly gentle effect without making your dog lethargic.


How it works

The 100% natural Chillout formula contains a purely herbal complex of active ingredients from proven natural alternatives such as valerian root, sleeping berry and St. John’s wort. This formulation helps your dog to process the stress stimulus better and enables them to calm down much faster – without becoming drowsy, as is the case with chemical sedatives.


Feeding recommendation:

In order for the Chillout Formula to be active and gentle on your dog at the same time, you should start feeding your dog the Chillout Sticks 4-5 days before the stressful situation will occur. This allows the Chillout Formula to work actively and build up. You should give them to your dog calmly and give them time to relax. If you can’t plan the situation, the sticks are also suitable for immediate use, of course.

Give small dogs (up to 5kg in weight) a ¼ stick, medium dogs (up to 15kg in weight) ½ stick, and large dogs (from 15kg upwards) a whole stick daily. Please provide fresh drinking water at the same time.

If you feel that your dog is not benefiting as well as they should from the Chillout Sticks even after 4 days of feeding, increase the daily amount by ½ stick (for small dogs by ¼ stick).

Tierliebhaber Chillout Sticks are also great for puppies. Please start with half a stick a day and then increase the dose according to the feeding recommendation for your puppy’s weight, so they can get used to the sticks.


My Dog refuses to eat the Chill-out Sticks. What can I do now?

If your dog is picky and doesn’t want to eat the Chillout Sticks, you can simply crush them up and mix them into the food or trick them a bit by combining the stick with their favorite treat or something similar. The effect remains the same regardless of how your dog eats the stick.



Store in a cool and dry place

Additional information


Sweet potato (35%), Vegetable glycerin (extract of ols seeds), Insect protein from Hermetia larvae (9%), herbal mixture (4% Mangifera indica, Ocimum sanctum, Withania somnifera), Valerian spice (4%), krill (4%), Ceylon cinnamon bark, coriander, anise, ginger, cloves, cardamom, lecithin, St. John's wort (2%), minerals (1%), hermetia fat, rosemary extract

Nutritional breakdown:

Protein 11.5%, Fat 5.5%, Fiber 4.7%, Ash 5.1%.


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Can I feed my dog Tierliebhaber Chillout Sticks over a longer period of time?

Yes, you can, and this can make a lot more sense in some situations. Please work in cycles here, this means giving the sticks to your dog daily for three weeks and then taking a break for 3-4 days so that your dog doesn’t get used to the ingredients. Then, start a new cycle again.

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