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    Mr William Wright
    Mr William Wright
    First class delivery only took two days… First class delivery only took two days excellent.
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    Excellent service Excellent service! I have been using the King kanine products from miracle leaf as was originally buying them directly from king kanine in Florida, which meant waiting for it to come through customs so this is a much better and quicker service. I did recieve a faulty spray bottle with a bundle I had bought and without hesitation and without proof of a picture they did send me another bottle free of charge which promptly arrived the next day, the customer service was second to none and so friendly. I will continue to use Miracle leaf. The only 1 criticism I would have is that buying from the king kanine in florida they did have alot more sales and the sales were excellent and as the products are expensive I took full advantage of them and would bulk buy, so when florida king kanine have up to 40% sales off their products I will probably still use them to buy in bulk, but other than that Miracle leaf is a very reliable company, excellent and friendly customer service and very fast delivery so will go between the two companies but all in all its a 5 star! Anything that helps with my dog's arthritis and reduce any pain then I will do for him. So glad I can now get this product in Britain now, thanks Miracle leaf its a life saver for my dog! A happy customer and a happy hound!
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    mrs dj wright
    mrs dj wright
    Very happy with service and products Very happy with service and products. Have regularly bought products for my pet and myself from here. Never any problems and really fast convenient delivery.
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    Donna Rodgers
    Donna Rodgers
    Wonderful company to buy from Wonderful company to buy from. Very quick delivery too.
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    Excellent service Excellent service, super quick delivery and great product - thank you!
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    Always great service. Always great service.
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    Maxine Sharwood
    Maxine Sharwood
    Very easy website to use First time… Very easy website to use First time I've used this site. It was easy to navigate some very good information about anything you are going to buy. the order only took 24 hrs to get here, Very impressed and will be using again. Very happy customer and will definitely recommend.
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    michelle jameson
    michelle jameson
    Very happy as always Very happy as always
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    Ms Jane Kirk
    Ms Jane Kirk
    Excellent service Excellent service. Next day delivery. The oil certainly seems to be improving my back pain
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    David Hoffman
    David Hoffman
    Product was delivered on time and was… Product was delivered on time and was well packaged. Excellent service again from Miracle Leaf
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Scandinavian Biolabs Eyelash Growth Serum

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On average, a person sheds 1-4 eyelashes per day. Scandinavian Biolabs Eyelash Growth Serum provides the eyelashes a boost during their growth phase.

  • Size: 6ml
  • Longer, denser, thicker eyelashes
  • Stronger and more durable eyelash fibres
  • Enhanced appearance of natural eyelashes
  • Cruelty-Free | Natural | Vegan | Non- toxic
  • Formulated, tested, and produced in Denmark


As a child, you may have loved finding a stray eyelash on your cheek so you could blow it off of your finger and make a wish. As an adult, you might be less excited to notice your eyelashes falling out.

If you’ve been looking for solutions to grow back your eyelashes fast, Scandinavian Biolabs Eyelash Growth Serum  is the perfect fit for you.

The serum naturally stimulates follicles, expands diameter of eyelashes from within, forms a protective layer around each eyelash, and counteracts the depletion of eyelash hair by epigenetically resetting the hair follicle and naturally nurturing the skin in the surrounding area.


External and Internal Reasons for Eyelash Hair Loss:

  • Excessive Rubbing and Friction
  • Bacterial Infection (perhaps from expired makeup)
  • Allergic Reactions
  • False Lashes
  • You’re cleansing incorrectly
  • Stress or trauma – The stress triggers more hairs than usual to enter the telogen or ‘resting’ phase of the hair growth cycle, which can leave your scalp, brows, and eyelashes looking thinner
  • Thyroid Disorders – the thyroid gland controls the body’s hormones, and that changes in those hormones from an overactive (hyper) or underactive (hypo) thyroid can lead to eyelash loss
  • Blepharitis is a condition characterized by clogged glands that cause inflammation and trigger loss of eyelashes. It’s frequently driven by the bacteria that reside along the lash line
  • Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disease that causes your body to attack hair follicles, with those affected often losing hair on their scalp, eyelashes, and eyebrows. It can be acute and sudden, triggered by severe stress, surgery, flu, and other illnesses
  • Madarosis – This is a medical condition that causes excessive loss of eyelashes. It may even cause eyebrow hair loss and thinning.
  • Chemotherapy


Eyelash Growth Cycle

First phase (Growth): You’ll be surprised at how your eyelashes grow. Each eyelash on your upper and lower lid can produce a few millimeters. This growth is usually between 0.12 to 0.14 millimeters per day.

Second phase (Degradation): After your eyelashes have grown to their maximum length, you would expect the follicles to become narrower. However, after this happens, your eyelashes begin to shrink before they eventually fall.

Third phase (Resting): During this phase, you would expect a few of your eyelashes to fall out. However, the regular quantity of eyelashes falling could be anywhere between 1 to 5 eyelashes daily.

The above phases are typical for everyone as they make up the life cycle of an eyelash. If your eyelashes haven’t been growing, it may mean that the follicles or eye glands may have been damaged.


How Does The Eyelash Growth Serum Work? 

The trademarked Bio-Pilixin Formula® consists of tactically composed all-natural, vegan ingredients that strengthen hair follicle cells and enhanced eyelashes.

With its active ingredients working in tandem, the serum addresses damages sustained from beauty products and effectively reduces eyelash loss by strengthening the integrity of each eyelash inside and out. Experience the improvements in a matter of weeks, and enhanced growth with continued use.

The main active ingredient, Capilia Longa® aims to support the activity of the dermal papilla cells to rebalance the natural hair growth cycle.


When Will The Results Begin To Show?

The active ingredients in the Bio-Pilixin® formula are scientifically proven to begin establishing naturally stronger and healthier eyelashes from using the Biolabs Eyelash Growth Serum within the first week. The peptides reduces any shedding of eyelashes within 5 weeks.

Visible results start appearing after 4 to 6 weeks of continuous use, depending on personal receptiveness to the product. Continued use results in sustainably denser, longer, and healthier lashes. The product usage is recommended for at least 150 days. If the treatment is interrupted, the eyelashes will go back to their previous form, which will occur very slowly after a long exposure to the active ingredients of the serum.

The time to reach full effect will different  from person to person, depending on the user’s receptiveness to the active ingredients. Therefore, some users will experience an effect faster than others.

Biolabs Powerful active ingredients:

Formulated with high-performing ingredients, every active ingredient was chosen upon a rigorous review of scientific literature and evaluated by a third-party laboratory to ensure quality. All ingredients are 100% vegan, naturally-derived, and non-toxic.


Scandinavian biolabs hair growth


Growth: Capilia Longa

Derived from turmeric stem cells, is the primary active ingredient in Bio- Pilixin formula.

⁠Rich in the polyphenol, curcumin, Curcuma longa contains potent antioxidant properties, making it an exceptional compound for combating the signs of aging. It works to moisturize the hair as well as promoting new hair growth. Turmeric also treats dandruff, increases circulation in the scalp, and helps to prevent hair loss. It also works to treat any scalp conditions like itchiness, flaking, inflammation, and even alopecia.


Scandinavian biolabs hair growth


Re-Growth: Biotin

Increase in protein absorption, assist in hair regrowth, improve overall hair integrity and quality. Biotin (also known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H) is a water-soluble vitamin that serves to improve your body’s keratin (a basic protein that makes up your hair, skin, and nails) infrastructure.


Scandinavian biolabs hair growth


Strength: Amino-Acid Blend

Improve hair strength and shine, strengthen hair strands, enhance resistance to external factors. Amino acids are a significant component of biological life, as they are the building blocks of protein. Notably, hair is primarily composed of a unique protein called keratin.



Scandinavian Biolabs Vision:

“Scandinavian Biolabs is founded on the virtues of natural functionality, transparency, and real impact. In the era of digitalization, we had an urge to create something real. Real, tangible products which solved a real problem for real people. Many may experience hair loss before the age of 50, and these individuals are often faced with concerns of confidence and self-esteem. To create impact, we understood the products must be reliable. Therefore, we teamed up with the best experts to develop high-quality natural products. Our vision is to end suffering arising from hair loss. The mission is to build our users’ confidence and self-esteem by delivering natural quality products which improve the health of your hair.”


How to use Scandinavian Biolabs Eyelash Growth Serum



What others says about Scandinavian Biolabs Eyelash Growth Serum

“I always had a thin and short lashes. I was using a fake lashes quite often. When I saw an advert I thought I will give it a go and I’m not regretting that. I’m using a serum already for 4 weeks, and they are so long now and so thick, comper to the beginning. I’m not even using a fake lashes anymore.- Karina”


“When I had chemotherapy my lashes fell out and were really sparse and stunted. I have only been using the serum for three weeks, but I have already noticed that they’re beginning to grow back thicker, and are shedding less. I chose this product because I am reassured by the ingredients – it has no prostaglandin in it, so I can use it with peace of mind.-Rosalind”


“I only started using this product 4 weeks ago and I am already seeing great results. Friends even asked me if I got lash extensions. I didn’t expect results this fast so im very happy and pleasantly surprised.- Donna”


Read more here! – Worst substances found in hair products.

Scandinavian Biolabs


Before beginning a new hair growth regime we always advise customers to consult a medical professional, along with checking our ingredients page to assure you have no known allergies to any of the ingredients.

Additional information


Aqua, Curcuma Longa Callus Conditioned Media, Pentylene Glycol, Phytic Acid, Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, Glyceryl Glucoside, Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1,
Sodium PCA, Sodium Lactate, Arginine, Aspartic Acid, PCA, Glycine, Alanine, Serine, Valine, Proline, Threonine, Isoleucine, Histidine, Phenylalanine,
Amaranthus Caudatus Seed Extract, Biotin, Panthenol, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Hydroxide, Citric Acid


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Will it Change Eye Colour Or Darken Eyelids?

Unlike most hair serums, the Eyelash Growth Serum does not contain prostaglandin which has been known to change the pupil colour due to the stimulation of melanin in and around the eye area. Products with prostaglandin may also cause discolouration on the eyelid and surrounding skin. The Eyelash Growth Serum's formula is safe to use and will not change the eye colour, nor darken the eyelids.

What Happens When The Eyelash Growth Serum Is Discontinued?

Eyelashes naturally follow a growth cycle, starting with a eyelash emerging and ending with detachment from the follicle, before a new eyelash emerges again. Therefore, like with vitamins, the benefits from using the Eyelash Growth Serum will diminish over time if usage is discontinued. The cycle goes on for about three months, consisting of growth, degradation, and resting phases. On average, a person sheds 1-4 eyelashes per day. The Eyelash Growth Serum provides the eyelashes a boost during their growth phase. When user stops applying the serum, the natural growth cycle will run its course, and the eyelashes will continue its regular shedding and grow back to its normal length. The main benefit of using the serum is growing back new, healthier eyelashes, and resetting the growth cycle. However, it is perfectly safe and recommended to use the serum every day for long periods of time, optimally for at least 150 days.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Scandinavian Biolabs is fully aware of the potential side effects that could potentially come with treating eyelashes. The all-natural, 100% vegan products were developed to ensure sustainably effective products, while limiting their side effects. Any side effects that may occur with the products are natural and may be a result of pre-existing conditions. Such reactions are rare and do not impact a user’s overall health. Like with any product, if irritation occurs over longer periods the consultation of a physician is recommended.

Are The Ingredients Clinically Proven To Achieve Results?

Each key active ingredient is selected for its clinically-proven efficacy and naturalness. The components of the formula are fully disclosed under Ingredients. Every ingredient in the Eyelash Growth Serum has passed several tests to prove its safety as well as healthy hair and skin claims. 

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