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Plant Therapy Paw Pal Diffuser

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Plant Therapy Essential oils can promote feelings of peace and calm for humans, creating a pleasant atmosphere in our homes and workplaces. This cute and pet-friendly passive diffuser includes 5 multi-color felt pads.


Plant Therapy Paw Pal Diffuser is the perfect passive diffusion option for your furry friend. This beautifully designed 30mm pendant is made with surgical grade silver stainless steel. It’s lobster clasp allows it to be clipped to a dog’s kennel, collar, bridle or stable.


Open the Paw Pal Diffuser and add one drop of your favourite diluted  essential oil blend onto the included felt pad. Clip the diffuser onto your dog’s kennel or collar. Don’t let the paw pendent confuse you; this can totally be used for horses, too!


We recommend Plant Therapy Confident K9 Essential oil, shop here!

Confident K9 was formulated for dogs who struggle with being alone. It helps promote relaxation, support doggy confidence, and soothe worry. Whether it’s excessive barking or shaking to chewing on belongings or clawing at your front door. While Confident K9 was created specifically with dogs in mind, it is also safe and effective for horses who may struggle with similar issues.


Just because you love a certain essential oil doesn’t mean your pet will. So take time to learn how your pet reacts to your chosen Essential oil blend by first applying the diluted blend to yourself for the first few days. Your pet will begin to associate the aroma with his or her most favorite person (you!) and during this time you’ll be able to gauge your pet’s response. If he or she approves of the blend, you can go forward with using the blend in your Plant Therapy Paw Pal Diffuser!


When using this passive diffuser with your dog it is important to remember that a canine’s sense of smell is much more sensitive than that of a human. Diluting your Essential oil blend with a carrier oil before adding it to your dog’s diffuser will prevent them from becoming overwhelmed by the scent. Generally, a 1-2% dilution is all that is needed.


If using the Paw Pal Diffuser as a collar clip, we recommend only using the essential oil blends that you are certain your dog accepts. Use for only a few hours at a time to avoid overwhelming your pet’s senses.


Use Plant Therapy Paw Pal Diffuser In your Car

It’s the perfect way to enjoy your favorite oils and blends without them becoming overwhelming. You can use the light scent to simply freshen the aroma of your vehicle or support a better driving atmosphere. Purposefully choose the oils to passively diffuse that can promote alertness, discourage motion sickness, or calm down those rowdy kids in the back seat.


There are dozens of essential oils that are safe for pets that you can use, but others are toxic to different animals so it’s important to educate yourself on which essential oils can be used for your pets. Although there are safe essential oils for pets, you should never intentionally let your animals ingest these oils or apply directly to their skin undiluted.


Using specific essential oils with dogs:

  • Lavender – One of the most commonly used essential oils, lavender is safe for dogs and can offer a plethora of benefits. Lavender can help with animal odor and work as an insect repellent. Lavender essential oil is also known to promote a sense of peace and security in both humans and dogs.
  • Chamomile – promotes similar effects as lavender when used around dogs. Some people suggest mixing Chamomile and Lavender with aloe vera jelly, dog-safe soap and other safe essential oils to create a homemade dog shampoo that will keep your canine smelling good and free of dirt. Chamomile is also known to lessen the effects of minor skin irritation and encourages a healthy-looking coat.
  • Spearmint –  is a common essential oil used to deter insects and can help to support a healthy digestive system. Though some people suggest avoiding spearmint with dogs, it is safe for canines as long as it has been properly diluted and only used in very small doses.
  • Eucalyptus –  has a long list of uses for dogs–from bug repellent and deodorizer to reducing the effects of some skin irritations and promoting a nice coat.
  • Rosemary -is often used in blends created to discourage fleas and other insects. For these types of repellents, you should not directly apply oils to your dog’s fur. Instead, dilute and blend oils to create soap or shampoo that can be used to keep your dog clean and pest-free.


Using specific essential oils with horses:

  • Lavender – Because lavender is such a popular essential oil, it should be mentioned again as a reminder that this oil is safe for horses and can encourage feelings of relaxation. Horses can become easily startled by a new person or experience that is not part of their everyday routine, so using lavender in these instances may ease their experience.
  • Clary Sage – Using clary sage with horses can be helpful to lessen feelings of tension and soreness, which horses often experience because of their regular physical activity.
  • Bergamot – can promote feelings of calm in horses as well as lessen the effects of minor skin irritations.


Essential oils should not be used on dogs/horses 10 months of age or younger, cats, fish, reptiles, amphibians, small animals, or birds.

Cats owners read more here!


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Is this also for horses?

It can be used near horse by clipping to the outside of their stall!

Is This Cat safe?

Please see our blog to read more about essential oils and cats here!https://miracleleaf.co.uk/essential-oil-and-cats/

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