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Grass and Co. Sleep Mask

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Finding a bedtime ritual is key! Grass and Co. luxury 100% silk sleep mask has been specifically created to give you the ultimate beauty sleep!

A unique gift for anyone wanting deep, uninterrupted sleep, and beautiful wrinkle-free skin.


Enjoy hours of beauty sleep with Grass and Co. Sleep Mask.

Made from the highest quality mulberry silk, these luxurious masks are a must-have winter sleep accessory.

Pull out this incredibly lightweight, comfortable sleep mask anywhere – in bed, on a bus, or aboard a plane. The complete darkness offered by our eye mask can allow you to enjoy a deeper, sounder and undisturbed sleep, or even a more focused mediation. This is for travel, home, hotel, flight, train and anywhere one is bothered by light.


Silk is known to provide benefits to both hair and skin, and this gorgeously soft material reduces friction and therefore the appearance of wrinkles.

Your immediate eye area is the most sensitive part of your face and wearing a sleep mask at night can help protect your skin. It can reduce dark circles, and slow the aging process.


Sleep is vital for the brain and body, including skin cell repair, memory, problem-solving, attention, immune function and the effective functioning of most of our organs.

Melatonin regulates our circadian rhythm, which determines when we are asleep and when we’re alert. This natural hormone is released upon exposure to darkness to help you sleep. Meanwhile, light leads to a decrease in melatonin, making you feel more alert.
That means even if it’s broad daylight outside, a sleeping mask can block out those rays. This tricks your brain into thinking it’s nighttime, allowing for the release of melatonin. That melatonin then helps you get a good night’s (or day’s) rest.



Try Grass and Co. Pillow Spray, click here! Each Pillow Spray includes a super blend of aromatherapy scents to soothe your busy mind and support your nightly sleep routine. Bring REST, CALM and EASE to your nights.

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Care Instructions: 

Hand washes gently with a little mild SLS-free pH-balanced soap in cool water. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Do not scrub or twist. Gently squeeze out most of the water. Air dry. To make it last, keep out of washing machines, hot water, and direct sunlight.


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