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Grass and Co.

Combining high-quality botanicals with the powers of CBD, Grass and Co. have produced a range of fantastic wellness aids for a variety of uses. With CALM, EASE, REST it’s clear these products are here to comfort you and promote relaxation. Whether that’s through sweet-smelling pillow sprays, chocolates or great tasting CBD oils.

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The Grass brothers founded Grass and Co after experiencing the benefits of CBD oil first-hand and its ability to relieve insomnia and muscle soreness. Their muscle balm soothes with CBD but also features tea tree, peppermint and eucalyptus to nourish your skin and keep it at its best. Their pillow sprays contain gentle fragrances that range from citrusy orange to floral frankincense.

Their products use high-quality European hemp and the finest botanicals to create premium products that offer a complete wellness experience. Every Grass and Co CBD product is rigorously tested to ensure accurate levels of CBD. Each product is organic, vegan-friendly, paraben-free and ethically sourced.


How does Grass and Co. CBD oil taste?

Grass and Co. taste fantastic. The CBD is blended with all-natural botanical ingredients including Ashwagandha, Chamomile & Mint or Ginger, Turmeric & Orange for the most deliciously smooth flavours. We believe that taking CBD every day should be a joy

How much Grass and Co. CBD should I take?

Everyone is engineered differently and this means that no one size fits all when it comes to CBD dosing. At Grass and  Co. our mantra is ‘start low and go slow.’ Starting with a lower dose and listening to your body allows you to assess how the active compounds are affecting you.

CBD is not magic. It will not make you a millionaire, heal your ailments overnight or reveal the path to enlightenment. It’s merely a step in the right direction. A step that you can prepare for by eating well, making sure your body is well hydrated and trying to establish a regular sleep pattern.

All of us are built differently and the effect that CBD has on you depends upon your weight, metabolism and general health at the time at which you take it. Plus, there are so many external variables that contribute to how you’re feeling on any given day. Once you have worked out what time of day works best for you, we recommend taking it at least once or twice a day.

Does Grass and Co. CBD oil have THC?

Grass and Co. CBD oils contain no trace of THC. The hemp they source has very low levels of THC and this is subsequently removed during our rigorous extraction process.

Can you use CBD oil topically?

Yes – CBD Muscle Balms and Body Oils are designed to be massaged directly into the skin – to help soothe aching joints and sore muscles. Made entirely from natural products our products are suitable for sensitive skin.

Is Grass and Co. CBD oil organic?

Grass and co. CBD Oil is extracted from hemp that is grown organically. However, to be certified organic in Europe, cultivators need to have gone through at least 3 crop rotations.

As the hemp and CBD market is so young, most of the cultivation does not have sufficient history to be certified organic yet.

What's the difference between CALM, EASE and REST CBD oils?

The key ingredient in CALM, EASE and REST products is the CBD.

Grass and Co. then use different complementary botanicals in each blend to support the specific need. For example, the Ginger, Turmeric and Orange in EASE can help soothe and ease sore muscles and joints. Whereas, the CALM CBD Oils include Chamomile and Ashwagandha blends encourage relaxation and calm.