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Health & Fitness

Ashwagandha and Hair

An excessive hair fall is a distressful event in an individual’s life. Hair loss affects confidence, self-image, and t...
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Worst substances found in hair products

In this day and age, the market is loaded with hair styling products that promise amazing results within a few […...
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What To Eat For Healthy Skin

Healthy skin starts from within! Here are 5 things you should add to your diet to achieve healthy glowing skin....
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How a healthy gut supports the immune system

Your gut plays an important role in a properly functioning immune system. Unfortunately, gut health is often overlooked....
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5 foods that help balance hormones naturally

Hormones out of whack? Learn how to naturally balance your hormones with these 5 foods....
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Prebiotics vs Probiotics: What’s The Difference?

Do you want your gut to be happy and healthy? Then you can't get around probiotics and prebiotics. But what are they, an...
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Ashwagandha for Stress & Anxiety

Learn more about nature’s solution to stress and anxiety and how you can start adding ashwagandha to your diet today!...
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Be Yourself with BeYou

New to Miracle Leaf Wellness is BeYou’s range of innovative, science-backed solutions, all formulated in conjunction w...
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Essential Oils and Women’s Health

Like many women, you may have started using essential oils to help promote a relaxed state of mind or to […]...
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6 Reasons why you should drink Matcha

Matcha green tea is all the rage, but what is matcha? And is it healthy? The simple answer is YES!...
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Turmeric – The Golden Superfood

Curcumin, the key active compound in turmeric, has been linked to reducing inflammation in the body which is related to ...
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Supercharge your workout

What you eat before and after exercise can have a huge impact on your body. When you eat is also crucial to ensure you g...
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Crystal facial rollers

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5 Hemp Protein Powder Health Benefits

With all the confusion and misinformation, hemp is one of the most overlooked plant-based proteins. Learn more about thi...
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What are Superfoods?

The word ‘superfood’ is everywhere: it’s in the media, in the grocery store aisles and even in beauty products. Bu...
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