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Benefits for Pets



Relieves Pain 

CBD Oil has analgesic properties which may relieve mild to severe pain in pets and encourage proper and quick recovery. By decreasing pain, this product may allow for more restful sleep and higher comfort.

 Curbs Inflammation

Inflammation is a natural response to infection and injury, but, prolonged inflammation can cause pain and discomfort for your pet. CBD Oil may reduce swelling and redness, easing skin irritation and soothing pain.

Restores Mobility

Chronic pain and arthritis often lead to loss of mobility. CBD Oil for dogs reduces pain and inflammation and supports joint health to regain mobility. Your pet will be roaming freely in no time.

Decreases Anxiety

Thunderstorms, fireworks and traveling can all cause anxiety in your pets, resulting in continuous barking, biting on their paws, pacing and accidents. CBD Oil reduces stress and anxiety in your furry friend, bringing relaxation and improving symptoms.

Supports Digestive Health

CBD Oil works to regulate appetite and encourage normal gut motility for your pet. Balanced diet and digestion are key factors in achieving optimal health.

Maintains Skin and Coat

CBD Oil encourages a soft, full coat. Enhanced with Omega-3 supplements your pet’s diet with essential fatty acids that help curb inflammation and strengthen your pet’s skin. Omega-3 also supports healthy heart function to keep your pet strong.

Promotes Calmness

CBD Oil promotes calmness and relaxation in your pets, potentially decreasing aggressive behaviour and hyperactivity and allowing your animal companion to play well with others. 

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