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Introducing BeYou 

New to Miracle Leaf Wellness is BeYou’s range of innovative, science-backed solutions, all formulated in conjunction with industry experts. From period-cramp relieving patches (which work wonders for any type of muscle soreness!) to high quality, independently tested CBD Oils, you’ll discover a range of products designed to make your daily routine that bit easier, morning until night! The team at BeYou are passionate about women’s health and empowering through education, so you can choose the products which are right for you and your lifestyle. 


Thoughtful Feminine Care  

BeYou is all about being comfortable in your own skin and Celebrating Individuality Together™. It’s about finding common ground and unity, helping to understand each other rather than vilifying others based on innate differences. It’s about the right to not be judged and the willingness to celebrate what makes each of us so unique.

Through their collection of science-backed, natural products, BeYou seeks to close the gender gap in the medical system by empowering through education and normalising conversations about menstruation. 


The BeYou Story 

BeYou first began to take shape when their co-founder, Kru Patel, was period-shamed by a former male colleague for carrying around a hot water bottle. She took this moment of ‘shame’ and channelled it into a range of ground-breaking, taboo-busting products that support the everyday needs of women and menstruators. 

Their hero product, the Monthly Patch, was created after Kru set out to develop a discreet and natural alternative to both hot water bottles and heat patches that lasts all day and fits perfectly into everyday routines which include sport, work, travel and education. Following the launch of the Monthly Patch, the BeYou team set out to add more products to the range which would help ease those everyday annoyances and make your life a little easier!


The Science of Nature  

With a transparent approach to all of their products and ingredients, BeYou is determined to highlight that there are science-backed solutions out there that include natural, safe and toxin-free ingredients.

Meticulous in their choice of ingredients, you can feel rest assured that each and every BeYou product is formulated with only the best, sustainably sourced ingredients provided by Mother Nature herself and formulated by experts according to the strictest standards. 


BeYou Monthly Patches 

The BeYou Monthly Patch is a transdermal patch that releases a mixture of steam-distilled menthol and eucalyptus oils over a period of up to 12 hours. 

Soothes the muscular tension and inflammation which causes cramps and period pain

100% natural, dermatologically tested ingredients 

Fast-acting and long-lasting

Discreet and flexible at just 0.3mm thick 

Cruelty-free and suitable for Vegans 

Biodegradable with recyclable packaging 

Suitable for daily use 


Heat Therapy vs BeYou patches


While hot water bottles or heat pads are a popular choice for soothing period cramps, did you know that heat should only be applied to the skin for a maximum of 30 minutes? This is because prolonged use can actually result in permanent tissue damage in some cases. 


BeYou CBD Range 

From dual applicator oral oils, to topical products formulated to help soothe and relieve targeted areas, you’ll find a product for you in the BeYou CBD range. Available in a range of strengths to suit your individual needs, all the BeYou CBD products are independently quality tested and are made with the highest quality natural ingredients. 

A range of different formats, including sprays, drops and balms

Available in 3 all-natural flavours; Natural, Berry and Lemon

Vegan friendly and GMO-free

Quantifiable strengths 

Zero THC – no psychoactive effects

Independently quality tested by a third party laboratory

Easy-to-understand dosage guide included with all products

Highly rated by Glamour and Cosmopolitan


Dosage Guidelines 

BeYou recommend starting with a daily dosage of 70mg of CBD which can be taken from any of the strengths available in the range. Simply check the clear and easy-to-understand dosage information included with your chosen product to work out how many pipettes or sprays this will be. 


BeYou Menstrual Cup 

BeYou listened to the feedback of thousands of menstrual cup users before creating their comfortable and flexible cup which bends and molds to fit the unique shape of your body, preventing leaks and discomfort.

Sustainable and reusable alternative to sanitary pads and tampons 

Holds up to 3 tampons worth of liquid 

Can be worn for up to 12 hours

100% medical grade silicone with no BPA, latex or dyes 

Soft and flexible; perfect for beginners!

Lasts for up to 10 years if cleaned correctly 

Reduces monthly waste

Using a menstrual cup for the first time can be a little daunting so each BeYou Menstrual Cup comes with a helpful guide which demonstrates how to find the right insertion technique for you, comfortable removal techniques and the best ways to clean your cup. 


BeYou Chafing Cream


Chafing is a common problem amongst men and women, particularly in the warmer months. While many turn to DIY solutions such as wearing shorts under dresses, or even rolling deodorant on their inner thighs, BeYou have found a long-lasting solution which is all natural and vegan friendly, and better yet, effective!

Anti-friction, anti-bacterial formula

All natural and vegan friendly ingredients

Forms a sweat and water resistant barrier on the skin

Long-lasting, non-greasy formula

Dermatologically tested 

Highly rated by Grazia, Metro and OK!

Cruelty-free and suitable for Vegans