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Get Your Day Off to a Great Start



Putting some CBD oil under your tongue or on any often achy joints before you get to work is a quick and easy way to potentially ease any anxieties you may have about the workday ahead. And since CBD oil has a bunch of antioxidants, it may take the edge off any inflammation, leaving you feeling great and able to move more easily.


Relax During Your Morning Commute


Commutes are stressful for so many people whether it’s a ten-minute drive through downtown or if it’s a cross-country flight to a conference. Instead of pounding on the horn and grumbling along with all the other people smooshed into the same tiny subway car, a little CBD oil added to your morning fruit smoothie made in just minutes before work may help take the edge off the stress and anxiety you would normally feel. You’ll potentially keep your adrenaline down, your blood pressure lower, and maybe walk into work with a smile on your face.


Bid Adieu to Afternoon Slumps


Ah yes, the dreaded slump after lunch. How awesome would it be to get some work done? Make it through that weekly department meeting? Or just be able to go to the water cooler for some office gossip instead of propping your chin up on your elbow, rereading the same paragraph eight times before getting some more coffee. Beat the dreaded slump with a quick dose of Pure CBD oil under your tongue, and you’ll feel like you have the energy to start the day all over again. Don’t worry. Your workday is still almost over, but your energy isn’t!


Get Ready for Your After Work Workout


Would you like to get that sexy, sculpted body you’ve been dreaming of, but you can’t work it into your morning because of all the other responsibilities you have? According to some research-based in Finland, strength training routines performed during the late-afternoon/early-evening hours has been shown to increase muscle growth more than similar routines performed earlier in the day.

So don’t fear if you can’t get around to it in the morning, you could see faster results in the afternoon! Just add some CBD oil to your afternoon water to possibly help tame inflammation before it starts, to boost your energy, and to keep any gym anxiety away.

If the gym isn’t your jam, remember that CBD oil may help calm inflammation in any sore muscles created by a long workday and can prepare you for a more relaxed commute home and back to a bustling household.


Enjoy a Solid Night’s Sleep


Whether you hit the gym and your muscles need time to recover and rebuild, you need to be ready to deal with a house filled with kids or you have a big presentation due tomorrow, high-quality, uninterrupted sleep is a requirement. Sleep is crucial to a healthier, happier life, and helps boost your immune system, improve mental clarity and help recovery from the stress of working a job as well as working out.

An hour before bed is a great time to add some CBD oil to some tea or whatever beverage you enjoy as you relax and unwind from a long day. It will help you fall asleep and stay asleep to make sure you wake up refreshed and ready to start the whole cycle over again, even better than the day before.

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