2020 Tarot Predictions

Choose the card you are most drawn to from our 2020-inspired Tarot Deck to learn more about your future

Readings by Ros from Stepping Stones of Greenwich.

What Say The Stars?

We asked Chris Riley, psychic to the stars, about why fortune telling has seen a resurgence in 2020 and how Tarot can help in times of uncertainty.

1. Why have more people turned to fortune telling and tarot in 2020?

Tarot reading is an easy way of receiving specific insights and guidance into your life and situations, whether that’s work, career prospects or matters of the heart. I’ve found that as we have collectively gone through some trauma this year, people are becoming more aware of spirituality as a way of looking for guidance for their lives now and the future. It can be a great way to relieve some of the worry surrounding the uncertainty of this year and with many people being dealt life-changing situations, many people have been turning to Tarot reading as a form of support.

2. What do you think the benefit of doing tarot during such uncertain times is?

The benefit of Tarot reading is that you’re able to receive guidance to questions, whether that’s something happening in your life right now or in the future and the cards that you draw will give you insight into your situation based on their meanings. It’s based off a gut feeling and I think it really encourages people to trust in themselves.

3. What would be your advice for newcomers on learning more about tarot?

My advice for anyone who is new to learning Tarot would be to trust your gut feelings and trust the feelings you get intuitively when you’re looking at the cards. 


The Tower represents destruction, sudden upheaval and ambitions set on false pretences. If you were drawn to this card it could be that you expected great things from this year that haven’t really manifested. 

Try not to get your hopes up for the rest of the year and, though we may have had our fill of sudden upheaval, you never know what could be around the corner. Like 5G, enjoy connectivity with friends and loved ones but always question what you hear and read.

Spontaneity, exuberance and a free spirit are the hallmarks of The Fool. You’ve chosen this card because, despite it all, you’re still looking to the future with excitement. “When this is all over” has probably passed your lips once or twice. 

Keep up this positive attitude! 2020 will bring you some good news yet. But remember to watch your back and look after yourself in the meantime.

Master of manifestation, The Magician holds his hand up to the sky to signify the potential of the universe. Astride his bidet and clutching the proverbial gold dust that was toilet roll, The Magician is the symbol of resourcefulness and inspiration.

Choosing this card means that there is still time in 2020 to achieve your goals and get what you want. Despite the worldly limitations, you have unmeasurable potential.

Representing conformity among social groups, The Hierophant reminds you that in times like these, it is community this is important. For the rest of 2020, you should take special care of your friends and loved ones but never forget the importance of all those around you.

With so much information and disinformation in the world, it’s okay to be hesitant about re-entering the world. Stick to the rules and respect those around you and you’ll work out 2020 in your own time.

By choosing The World you seek completion, integration and accomplishment. With 2020 being a period of intense disruption in so many aspects, this might not have been the perfect time to work on yourself and consider your future.

However, with such upsets often comes change and the world represents the ending of a new cycle and the beginning of a new one. Your 2020 could come to a satisfying close with answers to some of this year’s big questions.

The Sun is the source of all life in the world and, therefore, this card is related to vitality, warmth and fulfilment. Choosing this card means that you seek optimism but not always that you will find it.

In the final months of 2020, stay positive and connect to your inner spirit to find what makes you happy. Let The Sun give you confidence that you will find the optimism you look for.

2020 has been filled with isolation for many but it has also allowed us to innovate new ways to stay in touch in the face of adversity. The Hermit represents coming to awareness after a period of introspection, so expect that you will find clarity in the final months of 2020.

However, the light we see before us only shows us the next few steps, so tread carefully and take your time reaching your destination at the close of the year.

A symbol of abundance and fertility, The Empress is a card of growth through nurturing. 2020 has been a hard year. It may seem easy to look forward to pastures new in 2021 but the grass is greener where you water it. The relation of The Empress to fertility also suggests that new things come after a long period.

The final months of 2020 might be best spent caring for yourself to ensure you’re in the best place to enjoy all that 2021 has to offer you.

Justice represents cause and effect, karma, and truth. Far from seeing 2020 as justice for any past transgressions of the human race, this card is a reminder that the divine is impartial. However, it is also a symbol of the spiritual consequences of your actions.

Approach the rest of the year cautiously, but Justice could be a symbol that all the seeds you have planted will come to fruition. Seek reward in your hard work but respect the natural balance of cause and effect in your interactions with people.

The card of Strength is all about inner strength, confidence and courage. There have been many challenges this year and the rest of the year is likely to be no different. Staying strong internally and keeping to your own path will bring reward as the year comes to a close.

2020 may have been isolating or frustrating but these feelings are universal and don’t reflect on your individual experience. Have confidence in yourself and your abilities and you will see it through.