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2020 has already been a dramatic year with so many twists and turns it feels like a decade since the year began. With the coronavirus pandemic, Australian wildfires, Black Lives Matter protests and more disrupting our perception of ‘normal’ life or ‘business as usual’, it’s no wonder more people are turning to fortune telling in these uncertain times.

Now, the most unexpected and memorable events and trends of 2020 so far have been immortalised as popular Tarot cards. While most of the topics contained within the deck could have never been foretold, they serve as representations for the common processes of our lives that cartomancers divine whenever they do a fortune telling.

For Tarot fans, the 2020 Tarot deck is a must-have to remember that while we may forecast the future, it is always open to interpretation.

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Meaning: Destruction, Chaos, Confusion

5G is one of the most-Googled trends of 2020. Implementation of these new towers in a number of countries has been met with hostility and suspicion. This hostility has been fuelled by high-profile conspiracy theories that their installation is related to the coronavirus pandemic in some way.

Well-known celebrities including Amanda Holden, M.I.A and Amir Khan all posted statements on social media regarding their suspicion of the technology, with Keri Hilson claiming that the deaths cased by the disease were, in fact, the side-effects of radiation.

The relationship between 5G and The Tower goes beyond being a physical tower, encompassing the confusion and destruction these structures have caused and seen.

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Meaning: Beginnings, Innocence, Spontaneity

With hair salons closed to halt the spread of coronavirus, many had to take matters into their own hands. With mixed results. 

Many men turned to their partners to maintain their hair but we as a society will be leaving lockdown with a renewed respect and appreciation for our hairdressers after discovering what a challenging skill it can be.

Whether it’s a spontaneous shaving of the head, an innocent slip of the hand or a new fringe, new you, our home haircuts have a close relationship to the symbolism of The Fool.

Coming Soon: The 2020 Tarot Deck Nobody Could Have Predicted 3

Meaning: Manifestation, Resourcefulness, Power

The beginning of lockdown measures across the world resulted in a range of items being panic-bought to the extent that they were impossible to find.

The most concerning of these was toilet paper. With toilet paper completely sold out in Australia, America and the UK, Google searches for bidets went through the roof. While most plumbing work also halted during lockdown, it’s clear many people yearned for a bidet to solve their pressing toilet paper problems.

The Magician represents manifestation and resourcefulness, which is definitely reflected in our sudden desire for this humble bathroom device.

Coming Soon: The 2020 Tarot Deck Nobody Could Have Predicted 4

Meaning: Conformity, Institutions, Tradition

Though not everything is known about the transmission of coronavirus, governments everywhere have implemented forms of mask guidance to reduce the spread of the virus in the air.

While the facemask is a tradition in some Asian cultures, to the West it is completely foreign. However, searches for ‘DIY facemasks’ shot up early in the lockdown as many of us searched for a way to create our own cloth facemask to wear when we ventured outside.

The Hierophant is related to conformity, institutions and tradition, which are all present in our newfound approach to mask-wearing.

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Meaning: Completion, Integration, Accomplishment

Dalgona coffee was a Tik Tok trend that took the world by storm in April. 

Made by whipping instant coffee, water and sugar into a creamy froth that sat on top of milk, the sweet treat could be found on Instagram stories everywhere for a week or two, before falling off and being replaced by the next trend.

The World represents accomplishment and completion, which reflects the intense satisfaction of actually getting the coffee to whip properly and not turn into a grainy mess. Its relationship with integration is represented in its existence as a major, if short-lived, social trend.

Coming Soon: The 2020 Tarot Deck Nobody Could Have Predicted 6

Meaning: Positivity, Success

Aeroplanes were grounded everywhere as countries closed their borders to halt the international transmission of coronavirus.

As the travel industry all but ground to a halt, a new type of experience emerged in the form of virtual tours. Those with the travel bug have been temporarily satisfying their wanderlust by exploring beautiful scenes of nature, city streets and landmarks across the world virtually.

In addition to replacing the sun many of us had originally hoped to soak up on holiday this year, virtual tours have invited positivity into our lives at a time when many of us felt trapped and uncertain.

Coming Soon: The 2020 Tarot Deck Nobody Could Have Predicted 7

Meaning: Soul-searching, Isolation

With self-isolation being practised everywhere, singletons, whether living alone or with room mates, had to put their love lives on hold.

As 2020 has proven, necessity is indeed the mother of invention. With much of our socialising being done through our webcams, those looking for love attempted Zoom dating via the networking app with a 40-minute limit. 

There were even a number of Zoom weddings for lovers whose ceremonies were cancelled but were still insistent on being married.

The era of the Zoom date highlights the profound isolation many have lived through in lockdown, as well as the presence our social relationships have in our lives.

Coming Soon: The 2020 Tarot Deck Nobody Could Have Predicted 8

Meaning: Beauty, Nature, Femininity

Houseplants have always been a symbol of Millennial society. A generation with little in the realm of world possessions has embraced the concept of keeping living things at low maintenance.

This has been amplified in lockdown, with so many people, especially city-dwellers flexing their green thumbs. Whether that’s those who have been unable to work exploring a new hobby or those simply interested in the visible passage of time through growth.

Houseplants have been a connection to the natural world while in isolation, as well as an appreciation for its beauty.

Coming Soon: The 2020 Tarot Deck Nobody Could Have Predicted 9

Meaning: Fairness, Law, Cause and Effect

Barnard Castle was the site of one of the most talked-about political scandals in the UK during lockdown. 

When it was discovered that special advisor to the prime minister, Dominic Cummings, had broken lockdown rules to travel to the historical castle in the North East, the story occupied the news for several days.

Though many believed Cummings’ behaviour to be reckless and worthy of him stepping down from his prominent political position, he remained and there was no further justice for his disregard for the rules that the UK had implemented to halt the virus’ spread.

Barnard Castle is now a kind of emblem for a view of one rule for the rulers and another for everyone else, as well as the dispute of fairness during the pandemic.

Coming Soon: The 2020 Tarot Deck Nobody Could Have Predicted 10

Meaning: Strength, Courage, Influence

As schools closed for several weeks, children across the UK were without structured teaching and, vitally, regular exercise.

To fill in this gap, fitness influencer Joe Wicks stepped up and began an online fitness series to keep kids exercising despite limited ability to go outside.

His Youtube series has been viewed by over 22 million people, enriching children’s days and helping parents structure their children’s days without the order of school.

Joe Wicks was chosen as Strength not only for his physical strength but also for how he has used his social influence.

We asked Chris Riley, psychic to the stars, about why fortune telling has seen a resurgence in 2020 and how Tarot can help in times of uncertainty.

1. Why have more people turned to fortune telling and tarot in 2020?

Tarot reading is an easy way of receiving specific insights and guidance into your life and situations, whether that’s work, career prospects or matters of the heart. I’ve found that as we have collectively gone through some trauma this year, people are becoming more aware of spirituality as a way of looking for guidance for their lives now and the future. It can be a great way to relieve some of the worry surrounding the uncertainty of this year and with many people being dealt life-changing situations, many people have been turning to Tarot reading as a form of support.

2. What do you think the benefit of doing tarot during such uncertain times is?

The benefit of Tarot reading is that you’re able to receive guidance to questions, whether that’s something happening in your life right now or in the future and the cards that you draw will give you insight into your situation based on their meanings. It’s based off a gut feeling and I think it really encourages people to trust in themselves.

3. What would be your advice for newcomers on learning more about tarot?

My advice for anyone who is new to learning Tarot would be to trust your gut feelings and trust the feelings you get intuitively when you’re looking at the cards. 

Fortune telling is seeing a rise in popularity thanks to the unprecedented events of 2020. Whatever the rest of the year has in store for us is unclear but no doubt it will be history-making.

If you are turning to Tarot to help you make sense of your future in this time of uncertainty, the 2020 Tarot deck will certainly be for you.

The Story Behind the 2020 Tarot Deck

The 2020 Tarot Deck draws on the biggest trends that have captured our attention during the last six months. 

For all the trends chosen, we’ve identified the increase in searches between January 2020 and the height of their popularity during the past six months. 

Coming Soon: The 2020 Tarot Deck Nobody Could Have Predicted 11